6 Myths About Digital Marketing Everyone Must Know

With digital marketing becoming popular across the world, everyone is eager to know more about it, practice and produce effective results to improve their business position. Under such circumstances, it is quite common that marketers, both pro, and beginners gather as much information as they can. They tend to find out the latest trends, things that make the results better and things that destroy them and so on. Digital marketing being a vast field consisting of social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, advertisement and so on, it is necessary that you have all the right information about it.

Some of the most commonly spread myths about digital marketing had damaged its image a lot. To clear this misunderstanding, we have gathered the top 6 myths that prevail in society about digital marketing practices. They are as follows:

1. It is suitable only for financially well-sustained companies

The biggest myth viral among the business individuals and companies is that digital marketing is the alternative or an add-on of traditional marketing for the big successful industries only. Many small-sized businesses and start-ups fail to understand how digital marketing works and therefore they consider it a luxury that only the rich can enjoy.

This is the biggest myth and the worst mistake that a business company can make in its career. The aim here is to promote the business idea as much as possible. All you mainly need is a working internet connective, a creative mindset, a few designing skills, and boom! You’ll do great on the online network. The main expense follows when you decide to invest in the paid advertisement or run a huge marketing campaign using the potential of everyone in your digital marketing team. But again, such an intense campaign is required only for those who can afford it.

2. You can’t maintain the balance on social platforms

6 MYTHS ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING EVERYONE MUST KNOW 2 6 Myths About Digital Marketing Everyone Must Know

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The social media company Dubai experts talk about how business companies reach out to every other social platform in order to promote their brand image. Many business companies stick to one platform while others try to manage more than two to three social media platforms. The experts say that many of the clients who ask for the social media services Dubai are of the view that effective brand promotion on more than two social media platforms is kind of impossible. This similar myth is seen prevailing in other parts of the world as well.

It is for all those who think this way that by proper management, it is nowhere near a tough job to maintain two to three or more social platforms. The key to success lies in following these golden rules:

  • Appoint separate managers for different platforms
  • Post updated content and so generate new content as well
  • Decide the timings of posting the content

3. There are so many marketers in the market, I can’t be any better

6 MYTHS ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING EVERYONE MUST KNOW 3 6 Myths About Digital Marketing Everyone Must Know

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Well, well, this is no surprise that the new marketers think this way. With competent marketers in the market, every newbie has this complex. But to believe that you can’t do better is the famous myth that many senior workers tell their juniors as well. Once again, the key to proving this wrong lies in experimenting with and practicing digital marketing strategies in every way possible. For this you can do the following:

  • Stick to the highest yielding marketing practices
  • Carry out the analytics to make sure you are going in the right direction
  • Apply SEO and focus on generating the best content
  • Invest in blogging and guest posting

4. All the traffic is of the same kind

Myth number four about digital marketing is that all the traffic that follows to the website is of the same kind. Moreover, the business owner thinks that the more the traffic, the higher would be the yield. That’s definitely not the case! You need to focus on the general as well as the specific audience for your brand product and services sale. This can be done by properly segmenting the traffic and looking into the analytics to find out who and when shops from the brand store. By deducing different patterns, you can then focus on the right audience to generate leads and convert them into potential customers.

5. You need to be a tech-nerd to ace digital marketing

6 MYTHS ABOUT DIGITAL MARKETING EVERYONE MUST KNOW 4 6 Myths About Digital Marketing Everyone Must Know

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We see why before implementing the digital marketing service, a large population of businessmen think they need to be tech-nerd. But that’s not the case in the real world. Well, of course, the website development, coding, and deep analytics understanding requires a lot of effort and needs some technical background, there are many digital marketing areas that an average person can handle. For instance, generating content and making short videos requires creative skills more than technical skills. Then comes the job of running the social media page, posting consistently and answering the queries of the viewers within a few minutes. Even understanding SEO requires a good read of a variety of tutorials and you’ll be able to go along well with it.

6. Bad online response harms the complete digital marketing strategy

We don’t deny that it can harm the reputation but we do compel you to focus on the bright side. Not all customers have similar issues with the brand. But if someone has posted something bad about the brand product or has raised a query, it is your bright chance to get back to them. All you need to do is understand their point of view and give a brief yet detailed solution and description of their issue and query respectively. This way the other viewers who look at the bad comment also get to benefit from the read.


With this, we conclude our article on the myths of digital marketing. The myths only make it difficult for workers to do their job. While one requires focus and motivation to achieve the goals, such myths bring them down. Avoid them and do your best by promoting your business through digital marketing.

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