Instagram vs. Facebook: What is the Right Platform for Your Business?

Instagram and Facebook are both in the top 3 social media platforms worldwide right now and sometimes it can be a little challenging to decide which is the right platform for your business.

Facebook has around two billion monthly active users and Instagram has just recently hit one billion million, so they both have the potential to provide an incredibly large reach for any business out there.

They are now owned by the same company but have different uses and each provides a very different type of marketing platform for a business.

Facebook is a social profile whereby users have ‘friends’ and can see the profile of their ‘friends’ and what they post. Instagram is a photo sharing platform that was actually acquired by Facebook in 2012 and allows users to upload images after having the chance to filter them, add stickers and also text.

Possibly the most important aspect to consider when deciding which platform is right for your business is who is your target demographic? The reason for this is that Facebook is a lot more popular with the older generation than Instagram.

If you are looking to target millennials or younger, therefore, Instagram is your best bet. The higher average age of Facebook users also means that this is the best platform to use if you want to target consumers with a higher income and higher spending power. This is indeed a serious consideration in industries like online gambling, where the likes of the Marketing Department at the online casino Unibet have to consider the age of their target audience.

With Facebook, you are able to target the audience you are wishing to achieve by the use of demographic filters like gender, interest, age, and location, which enables you to target a specific audience this way and promote your business via detailed posts.

Instagram is just a picture sharing platform and therefore no lengthy posts are required. The most important thing is creating photos that will stand out to your audience and attract them to your brand.

Taking these factors into consideration if you have a physical location for your business that you are looking to attract people to it may be worth considering Facebook, as it provides you with a way to filter users by location.

Instagram ‘Hashtags’ can be used, but posts can be targeted at those in specific areas. For example, if you were looking to open a land-based casino it would be worth using Facebook to target people within that location.

However, if you were opening an online casino Instagram could be as or if not more effective, as the location of the users would not be important, but just ensuring they are aware of your site and driving traffic to it.

Whilst both platforms can be a great marketing tool if used effectively it can be summarized that if you are looking to attract customers below the age of 24-25 it would be better to focus your attention on using Instagram, which provides a great platform to build a brand by posting appealing images.

If your target audience is the older generation with more disposable income than Facebook is likely to give you a greater return on marketing investment.

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