Impressive Social Media and SEO Tips for Recruitment Businesses

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The business world has been rapidly evolving to keep pace with the 20th century. There are many amazing ways for a digital marketing executive to reach to their customers, which could never be imagined before. Gone are the days when most marketing strategies were all about advertisements on the billboards and real-life interactions. Most people spend the majority of their time in the virtual world, and all commercial trades are getting accustomed to the spirit of social interaction that will be required to bring more customers to the fold.

These strategies are a testament to how the world works in the modern and what is really needed to do to become successful in the recruitment business. After all, having a good grasp on the social media skills can be very useful in preparing the Recruitment Firm. However, if you feel confused about how to proceed, there is no need to worry.

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Creating Better Business Profile Is Easy On Instagram With Better Stories

Instagram marketing

There a lot of useful and useful new Instagram Business Tools that you can use to understand your followers in a better way. This will help you in growing your businesses successfully, efficiently and in a way just as you want. Though all the tools are not yet available and being rolled out gradually, the available tools and real Instagram likes apps are useful enough for your current business development and marketing needs.

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What Makes Influencer Marketing Platforms So Exciting?

8 Ways for Finding Influencers to Talk About Your Business

There are two obvious reasons why brands are using influencer marketing strategies now more than ever:

  1. We are in the middle of a social media era
  2. The digital marketing ecosystem is overcrowded and doesn’t carry the same weight it did a few years ago

According to eMarketer, a staggering 69.8 million Americans have an ad blocker in the browsers.

The figure is expected to shoot to 86.6 million in one years time.

Media saturation is looming large and digital marketers are deep in the receiving end. It is virtually impossible to come up with a campaign that will make your product stand out and be noticed.

Buyers can’t tell the difference between the bad, the good and the great by just looking at marketing content. The old rewarding faith in digital marketing is simply on a free fall.

Here are a few statistics to back the marketer influx in the influencer marketing space:

  • 70 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 34 said that they were likely to buy a good or service that was recommended by an influencer
  • According to Forrester’s 2013 report, 85 percent of B2B decision makers base their choices on recommendations from trusted online communities
  • Half of all buying decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth recommendations

Clearly, the power of influencer marketing is incredible. However, if you are still having second thoughts about investing in it, the following points might help you make up your mind more quickly:

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Instagram Stories: How It Is Beneficial For Brands


If you ever think that the new live video stories from Instagram look a bit familiar, there is a proper reason for that. It is more or less similar to lifting a page straight from the current Snapchat playbook. Well, this move is practically not any kind of surprise.

With the field of live video making creating some waves these days on visual-heavy social networks as Periscope and Facebook live, it is just matter of time when the fierce coding right before Instagram spun into some real-time storytelling services and spotlight.

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Facebook Instant Articles: How to Set It Up On Your WordPress Site

Featured Facebook Instant Articles Wordpress

Sharing your content on different platforms online aside from your mailing list is one of the marketing strategies executed by bloggers. There are tools online that gives a great user experience while disseminating the content to your audiences in a faster way. Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP are examples of these tools. It can help your content to load faster on your handheld devices.

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