Creating Better Business Profile Is Easy On Instagram With Better Stories

There a lot of useful and useful new Instagram Business Tools that you can use to understand your followers in a better way. This will help you in growing your businesses successfully, efficiently and in a way just as you want. Though all the tools are not yet available and being rolled out gradually, the available tools and real Instagram likes apps are useful enough for your current business development and marketing needs.

In the coming months, all these new tools will be made available for the business owners and companies of all sizes. With the help of these tools you will be able to:

  • Create a better business profile
  • Get easily recognized with better stories
  • Get insights about your followers
  • Read and promote posts
  • Drive your business objectives successfully.

All these features and benefits will be enjoyed within the Like4Like and other Instagram mobile app.

Benefit for customers and business owners

As for your customers, they will be able to see all the valuable information from your business profile apart from your contact details and business address.

As for the business owner, they will come to know about the actionable information regarding the posts that are performing well. You will also come to know about the best times and days of the week to post new stories and comments. Apart from that, you will come to know about the demographic breakdown of all your followers.

What is more, you can easily promote those posts that you have shared. If you want to reach out to new customers within your target audience, you may even add a “Learn More” button.

Introducing the stories

All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions to set up your business account, create a business profile, use insights and promote your posts. For more information and help you may have to make use of the Instagram Business Tools in the Advertiser Help Centre and even take up a Blueprint e-learning course for that matter at times.

Introducing Instagram Stories is a new yet most popular and useful feature that will let you share all your moments of the day.

Apart from those available on your profile, you may also add multiple videos and photos in a slideshow format. Creating a better story, you do not have to worry about over posting, or free Instagram likes usage and share as much as you want throughout the day.

Be more creative

Add to that you can show your artistic skill just the way you want to bring your business story to life.

  • The text and drawing tools in new ways the photos and videos will disappear from your profile grid or your feed after 24 hours.
  • Your followers will be able to see stories from the accounts they follow using the bar at the top of their feed.

They can also share it from their favorite business accounts or best friends and experience the colorful ring around it when there is something new added in your account profile photo.

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