Instagram Stories: How It Is Beneficial For Brands

If you ever think that the new live video stories from Instagram look a bit familiar, there is a proper reason for that. It is more or less similar to lifting a page straight from the current Snapchat playbook. Well, this move is practically not any kind of surprise.

With the field of live video making creating some waves these days on visual-heavy social networks as Periscope and Facebook live, it is just matter of time when the fierce coding right before Instagram spun into some real-time storytelling services and spotlight.

So, what are the reasons behind this obsession with live video and stories? For some of the users out there, tools like the live video will help in creating opportunities for sharing snippets of lives with family, friends, and followers.

But for some of the savvy social media entrepreneurs, the field of live video paves another smooth path for brand awareness an engagement. It can further prove to be one profitable roll-out socially to date. You can get some help from insta4likes, at the same time.

Bird’s eye view of IG live video stories:

Following heels of FB live IG has established a perfect way to turn the smartphone into the personal broadcasting studio. With just a swipe of your finger over here, you can always take on social media airwaves for show and tell session of what might strike your mind.

Instagram can always notify followers every time you start live broadcast so viewers can always tune in. similarly, Instagram places your current live video in feed for other viewers to watch. But, when the moment comes to go off the air, everything will do the same, which you have shared so far.

  • Just try to think of yourself as the fly on the wall in some of the real-life instant. You won’t get any record button, no pause or reverse and no fast forward. It is more like simply living that moment until that moment passes. The only record of this event ever taking place will be in your memory.
  • As with some of the other social media platforms, businesses can always cash in on established IG following by some of the additions of live sessions into the social marketing mix. The live sessions will also allow amateur video enthusiasts to show off what this firm is about without even feeling the burden of having to produce any professional grade and slick video clip.
  • Nobody, who just logged in to watch live video is expected to see a high production value. Moreover, you will have rooms for businesses to just perfect this art of live streaming and they are the ones who will be quite successful at marketing through this promising channel.

Things that make a story hot:

When you scroll through social news feeds, you might be hard-pressed to miss image or video with shares, likes, and comments, reaching thousands. The key to finding viral success will completely rely on multiple common denominators. But none will compare to those posts, which will actually show some value to viewers. Some of the reasons to actually head towards Instagram live Video are:

  • Product launch
  • Exciting announcements
  • Live Chats
  • Questions and answers sessions
  • Behind the scene footage
  • Demos
  • Product tutorials

No matter whatever kind of story you plan to choose, it should always relate well to the audience and must reflect the brand. You are asked to speak to followers in a way, which will help you know everything on what you have to represent while presenting enough reasons to tune right in for some more values.

What to get in Instagram stories:

Most of the time, if two products are similar, one becomes unnecessary. Even though some of the similarities between video stories of two platforms strike similar, the fact remains the same that each serves its own purpose, mainly when you have a solid following on any one of the platforms.

For the time being, just forget Instagram replicated live video stories from Snapchat and focus on the new addition from Instagram and what it means for business. You need to be aware of its bottom line as well.

  • Fresh content creation all the time: Without any archive, viewers get the chance to receive relevant and fresh information all the time. It means there are no expired offers and nothing that has been overshared. There will be a few mistakes which may haunt you later and less content, which you might have to manage.
  • No form of social media fatigue: Remember that social media management will always serve as a full-time job. So, the bigger your company is the better management you need. Some of the best features of Snapchat like live videos and stories are associated with IG. That means you can get secured features under one platform only. You can further use that free time for getting creative in the field of live broadcasts.
  • Immediacy: In case you are planning to rive impeccable business, you can go live in a flash with special offers and sales just for viewers. After that, you can keep a close watch on analytics and also the major metrics, which you can see to work well.
  • Blatant marketing: People are well-accustomed with ways to block out marketing messages and advertisements unless they are specifically looking for such examples. If your main aim of using a business account is to go live, people assume that you are promoting any new item or marketing message and they will tune in. that will make your job as a marketer a lot easier.
  • Availability at its best: Wherever you are, the Instagram live video will be there. It is convenient to go live anytime and anywhere. You will visit those portions where full-scale camera crew even failed to reach. You are cordially invited to take advantage of marketing profitability by presenting viewers a sneak peek at new items, how things are made and anything, which might draw intrigue.

Going through these points will clearly showcase the value involved with the IG stories these days. You can try using this service in your favor.

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