5 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Conversion Rates

The E-commerce industry is on a perpetual upward trajectory, made possible by the constant advancements in technology, online marketing, and security, which in turn makes it easier than ever for a customer to enjoy a digital shopping experience from their smartphone or computer. However, as the three-trillion-dollar industry expands, a piece of the financial pie attracts more and more competition with each passing year.

Nowadays, the E-commerce sphere has amassed between two and three million stores worldwide (that’s without China), which makes for a pretty saturated herd of competitors you have to outpace in order to boost conversions and ensure long-term success. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five best ways you can improve your conversion rates and attract loyal customers at the same time.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping is a luxury not many brands can afford from the start, or without sacrificing they’re short- to mid-term monetary gain. It’s completely understandable that if you’re shipping goods internationally, you can’t hope to pay for the cumbersome shipping fees all by yourself. However, free shipping is quickly becoming the norm by which customers choose their online brands.

This means that you not only want to minimize shipping costs for your customers to boost conversions but also to stay in the game long-term. Remember, if you’re not offering free shipping, your competitors sure are, and they are snagging your potential customers from under your feet with this one benefit alone.

Simplify the shopping experience

There is nothing like a cluttered, disorganized, messy website design to send every potential customer running for the back button and onto the websites of your numerous competitors. Not only that, but an unsightly online presentation doesn’t exactly emanate trust or quality, which will further deter people from your brand.

While we will touch on the subject of branding and design in a minute, let’s address the problem of transparency and your website’s roadmap. If you want to keep customers on your site and incentivize them to buy, you need to simplify the road from your product pages to the checkout. Not only does everything need to be neatly organized for transparency, but you also want your customer to have to click no more than three times from the moment they select a product, to the moment they finish their order. In a case you use services of Shopify agency, opt for an option of checkout customization to make the whole process easier.

Build a strong brand you can advertise

Coming up on one of the most important elements of success for every modern online and offline company, branding will play a key role in building the marketability of your business, its emotional connection with your target demographic, and the trustworthy personality every modern shopper is looking for.

In the overly-saturated marketplace, your brand needs to stand out, and it also needs to be portrayed in the right light. This is a creative process that requires the input of all-encompassing agencies that specialize in building brands that establish an emotional connection with the audience, transforming them into loyal customers through visuals, stories, and values. Remember, without a strong brand in place, you’re just another E-commerce store in a sea of monotony and uniformity.

Use retargeting software

The fact that some 2% of your visitors will actually buy something from your store can be surprising, but it shouldn’t be discouraging. After all, not everyone is ready to make a purchase just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you should let them just disappear after abandoning their carts – because chances are that your competitors will swoop in for the sale.

Instead, you want to use retargeting to stay in touch with your potential buyers. You can send them emails reminding them to finish their order, and even add sweet discounts and special deals to incentivize them to come back. With retargeting, you can bring back the customers that might have otherwise been lost forever.

Ensure data safety across the board

Nowadays, everything can be hacked, and shoppers are expecting online brands to take cybersecurity seriously and guarantee that their information is safely stored on your servers. Needless to say, a data breach can significantly jeopardize the future of your brand, as losing customer information such as credit card numbers and addresses will make your loyal followers abandon your brand for good.

However, if you master the cybersecurity game, you can expect trusted and influential sources in the industry to spread the word of your brand, in turn allowing the demographic to gravitate naturally towards your company simply because they know that you can be trusted. Be sure to display all of your security measures proudly on your website as well for maximum effect.

The world of E-commerce is growing rapidly, and it’s not expected to stop so long as free trade and the World Wide Web existed. With that in mind, you can expect the marketplace to become increasingly saturated with competitors in the years to come, which is why implementing these solutions now is essential in ensuring the solvency and success of tomorrow.

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