What Your eCommerce Site Needs to be Successful

As technology has advanced, the possibilities and capabilities of pretty much every industry has increased — and eCommerce has undoubtedly been the game-changer for the retail sector. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the vital aspects, from efficient web hosting to the benefits of SEO, that every successful eCommerce site needs.

The digital age has completely changed the way live our everyday lives, as well as the way businesses, operate today. One sector that is very much a part of daily life as well as being a crucial part of the modern business world is retail, and its digitization comes to us in the form of eCommerce.

The purpose and main goal of online retail are to attract customers and make sales, but to achieve this, your website will have to be efficient in many different areas. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the vital characteristics of successful websites and how you can implement them into your own site.

User-Friendly Design

If you want customers to be able to navigate your site’s various pages with ease and provide them with a hassle-free experience — which in turn will significantly improve your chances of making a sale — your website needs to be user-friendly. It’s all well and good having a design that looks flashy and professional, but if it’s a chore for a customer to find the information or products they seek, you’ll see that your sales will be affected.

Common and effective aspects of a user-friendly design are a simple and efficient menu setup, checking that there are no broken links, all pages marked clearly for easy navigation, and necessary contact information available to assist customers. All of this not only improves your website dramatically and gives your customers the best possible service, but it’s now a set standard for eCommerce. Anything less is falling short and bound to turn many a potential customer away.


Decent Images and Product Descriptions

Although online shopping does provide the benefit of being able to purchase items from the comfort of your armchair, it does mean that you won’t be able to get hands-on experience with the product or try on items of clothing. It’s for this reason that the way you present and describe your product or service is essential for successful sales.

High-quality images are essential to provide people with a clear and realistic representation of a product (color, style, size, etc.). Images should be backed up by an in-depth description that highlights the vital information a customer needs to know. The combination of the two is advantageous to speed up the decision-making process and give someone the confidence to spend money.


High-Quality Web Hosting for Good Site Performance

Good site performance is vital in the digital age as technology continues to advance, and we all expect a certain level of speed and efficiency. When creating a website, you will have purchased web hosting services, which provides you with the web space and bandwidth to get online. Your choice of website hosting (VPS server, dedicated servers, etc.) is vital for strong site performance and is an essential aspect of any site.

High-quality website hosting services provide you with an eCommerce site that will load quickly and allow customers to navigate fluently and effortlessly between pages. This not only makes the sales process easier and therefore increases the chance of success, but it also makes it more likely for them to return in future.


SEO-Optimised Content

In recent years, SEO (search engine optimisation) is a term that has been doing the rounds online. It focuses on the range of marketing techniques that help your site rank higher on search engines. This makes it easier for customers to find your site in searches, which naturally gives you more opportunities to make money.

Optimising your website’s copy as well as its blog content (more on this in a moment) for SEO is vital to improving your ranking. One of the ways you can do this is the use of keywords relating to your industry. These are phrases and keywords that your target market will use when entering a search on Google. Another is backlinks, which is the use of links in content to high-authority, relevant websites. This shows that your site is an excellent resource for information and is beneficial to your target audience.


Write a Blog

Although your primary goal is obviously to make as much money as possible through online sales, you also need to consider how you market your website and apply strong SEO techniques. One of the best ways to do this, giving you a creative and engaging way to connect with your customers along the way, is to create a blog.

Blogging has become massively popular as a way to make money and increase the ranking of bloggers as well as businesses. Put together a section of your website dedicated to your blog, where you can write product reviews, industry-related features, news pieces, or anything else you think of that will engage your audience. If you’re reluctant to write a blog, it’s worth keeping in mind that blogs are standard now for a reason, and there’s a good chance your competitors will be uploading posts regularly. Take the time to write strong blog posts — or delegate the task to someone more skilled in this area — and you’ll reap the benefits through more content for your site to rank well and attract customers.


– Article by Chris Danks, owner of Cyber Host Pro

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