How Can You Use Instagram to Enhance Your Online Presence?

Social media marketers go by statistics. They are professionals who calculate things and never strategize on wrong arithmetic. That is why the recent statistics of Instagram matters in deciding whether it is the right platform for your digital media marketing campaigns or not.

The recent statistics of Instagram

As recorded in the June of 2018, the recent statistics speak of the success of Instagram quite prominently. Here are some of the interesting facts worth knowing:

  • I billion users by June 2018
  • 500 million users daily logging into the site since September 2017
  • Users of Instagram are global, and not just from the US. In fact, it’s quite the opposite way. Instagram itself says 80 percent of its users are from outside the US
  • The above data is indicative of Instagram generating high revenue from advertisements. $6.84 billion is estimated to come simply from the ads revenue in 2018
  • More than 10 million users are highly active here
  • Instagram is loved a lot by teenagers
  • Users who are aged below 25, are recorded to be there on the site for more than 30 minutes. Others spend 24 minutes in an average
  • 4.2 billion posts are getting liked on the app every day
  • 95 million video clips and photos are shared every day by users n Instagram
  • Since the launch of Instagram stories in 2016 users have been using the feature very boldly, happily and enthusiastically
  • The amount of video watching crowd also has been steadily increasing over time

With the above statistics, it’s clearly understandable why Instagram is soaring in popularity these days and also giving a healthy competition to earlier social media hits like Twitter and Facebook. And now, with the advent of services like, getting more real likes, shares, comments, and followers in Instagram for business promotion and internet marketing is no problem at all.

There are in fact many reasons for digital marketers and even normal users to get inclined towards Instagram. Some of the bold reasons are discussed.

You can use your Facebook account to signup

You can sign up on Instagram using your Facebook account. This is one feature most social marketers would love. That’s because filling a whole form to sign up is tedious and time taking. But all social media lovers and marketers essentially have a Facebook account, the details of which they would be happy to use to log on to Instagram.

No stupid uploads – Only high-quality pics

Instagram is not a silly place to post stupid or obscene images. Rather people love it for being a photo-friendly site. That’s why only high-quality photos get posted and also have the provision to be posted here. You will be sure when visiting Instagram that all pics here are great and standard.

Likes and comments

Instagram gives an interface similar to Facebook. The only difference is that Facebook is for posting all kinds of stuff, and Instagram is dedicated to photos and videos only. That’s why the quality of visitors you get here for your photos is much filtered and high, and better than the Facebook or Twitter crowd. And hence the likes and comments, and shares you get on your posts are much worthier here, and really acts well for your internet marketing success.

You can instigate another user to like your images

Although there are services that simplify the worry of getting adequate likes, shares, and comments for business internet marketing, yet natural steps like liking other’s posts help a lot. If you like the post of another person and maintain this every day a little, then someday that person may start liking your posts in return. It may be that the other user may develop interest about your profile, or may want to show a gesture of thanks.

Following gets you followers

When you follow a user, in most cases you would be followed back by the user. This is a smart way to increase your numbers of followers. If your Instagram business profile gets many followers in this way, then it’s obvious that your posts for marketing would get more and more eyes on them.

Commenting increases your visibility

When you comment on the profile, posts, and comments of other users, you increase your visibility. Also, they feel moved and influenced to put return comments on your post or comment as a courtesy.

Hashtag usage

Hashtags have always been important in tagging on social media sites. They became popular for the first time in Twitter, and now they are in use in Instagram too. You can always use hashtags to relate to anything and any topic. With the use of more and relevant hashtags, the popularity of your content would increase.

Symbiotic promotion

In this method, you promote one and in return get promoted by that user. This is a simple understanding of where both promote each other to create a better position on social media and bring in more strength to their marketing. This works, but you need to find such users who would speak for you in return.

Instagram saves time

In this way, there are many effective ways to get more followers, more comments, more likes, etc., and get shared on Instagram. Moreover, by linking your Facebook and Twitters accounts with your Instagram account, you can post a picture simultaneously on other social media platforms too.

And this is a beautiful feature of Instagram that lets you post your content parallelly on various sites, and your time is not lost in individual posting. Instagram is a top choice of digital marketers for branding and marketing, and that is for all the right reasons


In short with all these facilities and features, and with all those statistics, Instagram in the truest sense really looks promising for users of any age, any preference, and especially for the digital marketers. To start with you can download the app on your smartphone. It’s free to download and use on iOS and Android.

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