The Top 16 Most Useful Clubhouse Tools in 2022

At Clubhouse, your voice matters, your personality, and thoughts matter.

The Clubhouse app puts a singular spin on social networking by restricting communication to audio. Furthermore, you may get to improvise skills to urge an invite, which essentially requires you to succeed out on social media and obtain your name out there.

This app is that the currently sizzling hot social media platform at the moment, and it’s entirely voice-based. You’ll join rooms and hear others discuss specific topics that are supported by the room’s name.

If you would like to talk, just raise your hand, and therefore the room’s moderator might allow you to hitch the conversation as a speaker.

Any user can start an area. Rooms are often either open for everybody to hitch or closed for a variety of individuals.

There are rooms discussing entrepreneurship, politics, music, cryptocurrencies, social media, marketing, technology, and various social subjects.

The users of the Clubhouse app created a culture that started online book clubs, radio shows, and meditation channels.

As you’ll probably guess now, there’s marketing potential here. Like Twitch, TikTok, and Snapchat, your conversations on the platform are gone once the chat ends. This presents a singular opportunity for you to bring people in and potentially operate the social network sort of a live webinar.

Like every other social media platform, you’ll need proper tools and utilities for a precise way to reach a highly measured target market through the utilization of audio. In this article, I’m putting down the most helpful Clubhouse tools to create your audience efforts simpler, unique, and more effective.

1. Clubhouse Bio Creator

The Clubhouse app profile page is really basic and makes it hard to figure how to make your bio look cool. Clubhouse Bio Creator allows you to make a bio comfortably from your browser for free of charge. It comes loaded with options for emojis and long descriptions.

Clubhouse Bio Creator - one of the most useful clubhouse tools

2. Clubhouse Glow

With Clubhouse Glow, you’ll finally create outstanding and highly visible avatars for your profile photos, especially for Clubhouse. Clubhouse Glow is similar to Ch Pic but it gives your photo glowing rings. This app allows you to finally stand call at the crowd on Clubhouse. And, recently also have an app for iOS.

Clubhouse Glow - one of the most useful clubhouse tools

3. iOS App: Clubhouse Bio Builder

Clubhouse Bio Builder lets you format your biography using a powerful text editor. Download the app from the iOS App Store. Open it up and you can start fresh or paste your favorite Clubhouse bio into the editor and modify it according to your personal needs.

The text editor supports many fonts and allows you to format text. You can also come up with many creative ideas if you use the CH Bio Generator (see below).

Clubhouse Bio Builder

4. iOS App: CH Bio Generator

Seriously, if you are lazy like me, 🍏 download this app and find a template that you can modify and fit your own needs. Then, to take it to the next level, combine that with Clubhouse Bio Builder to make it even more unique.

Clubhouse Bio Generator

5. iOS App: Crofile

The mobile app 🍏Crofile has a similarity with Clubhouse Glow but it is a bit more intuitive. Download the app and upload one of the photos you like as a profile pic.

You can choose from several options for your photo, including preset statuses, border designs, and color overlays.

The profile photo can be surrounded by a ring of colors, or two colors can be used as a gradient instead of having only one color. You can also add custom text and fit it in according to your likes.

Once you’re done editing it, you can transfer it to your phone’s library and upload it to your Clubhouse profile picture.

Crofile, One of the best profile pic generator for Clubhouse

6. iOS App: Border for Clubhouse

In the 🍏Border for Clubhouse app, you can choose a unique type of frame that other Clubhouse profile pictures don’t provide.

Pretty straightforward to use. Once you download the app, you can create a profile picture for Clubhouse or a highlight cover for Instagram.

Border for Clubhouse

After you upload your photo, you can choose a frame and color scheme for your profile photo by swiping left and right, and save it to your smartphone so that you can upload it to Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is an exclusive platform, so some challenges are associated with it. It is a bit challenging to get the word out to the crowd. For your event to be successful, you need to take extra steps to spread the word.

Let’s say you have arranged a great marketing speaker. Definitely, you would want to share it with all your social media and get as much audience as possible for the event.

This is where ClubLink makes it easy. This utility allows you to enter your Clubhouse link, and then it generates an attractive preview image. This image you will be able to circulate through your social media channels. The image comes with the content of the date and time of the event, the title, and all the valued members included in the event. Neat! I am pretty sure this is one of the most useful clubhouse tools around.


Additionally, you can sign up to the website and manage your personal page and events as well.

8. ClubHype

ClubHype is also a similar utility that enables Clubhouse members to share event links with a nice image preview. This is a very simplified version of ClubLink but does the job.


9. Clubly

At the first look, Clubly looks like yet another link shortener for Clubhouse. Yet it also provides some unique features while also generating links. You can even add GA UTM tag links, track analytics, set a password, or even set expiration dates with your links. Kind of like a swiss army knife for Clubhouse app link generation.


10. Humans on Clubhouse

Humans on Clubhouse might be the perfect tool if you are looking to achieve a specific goal. You can connect directly with anyone within a niche using this tool. There are many reasons to use this Clubhouse tool, including networking, building a following, and finding influencers.

Then, you can reach out to that person and see if you can work together to host events, piggyback on each other’s audience, and more.

Humans on Clubhouse - most useful clubhouse tools

Signing up for Humans on Clubhouse is as simple as filling out an Airtable form. As soon as you’ve applied, you’ll get weekly introductions to people who may want to moderate rooms with you based on similar interests.

11. Comet Events

Event management tools from Comet Events enable you to manage your rooms within Clubhouse.

Logging in allows you to access any of your scheduled rooms from Clubhouse and use them to create events on Comet.

Upon creating an event, Comet invites your guests to use the chat window to chat with each other throughout the event. Additionally, the chat window serves as a place where moderators can discuss different issues as they arise.

Comet Events

If you share the Comet Events event link exclusively, instead of any other links, it will allow participants to RSVP to the event and track their attendance.

12. AskClubhouse

If you’d like to run a room focused on teaching others through open Q&As, there’s AskClubhouse. The AskClubhouse website allows you to create a board through which people can ask you questions while sharing the answers with Clubhouse.

You can set up as many as 10 boards in your account, each linked to a different room.

Visitors to your board can fill out questions for you, and as the board owner, you’ll be able to see them in real-time so you can answer them while you’re speaking in your room.


In order to stay under the 10-board limit, AskClubhouse recommends you close out your board once your room is done.

13. Host Notes (No longer avaiable)

Another event management tool is Host Notes, which allows you to share RSVP links for your scheduled rooms and events as well as chat boards.

Host Notes also has a unique feature that allows you to attach links and resources. In this way, your guests will have the opportunity to follow up on the information they learned from being in your room, download resources, and opt in to your mailing list.

Host Notes

14. Clubhouse Database

Clubhouse Database is an analytics tool to find out details about the most popular clubhouse user and their followers. You can use this tool to find ways to grow your club.

Find out how these influencers are doing things differently and begin implementing those tactics yourself.

Clubhouse Database

15. for Clubhouse

You can use for Clubhouse to create events for your Clubhouse Rooms.

Luma for Clubhouse

The event page has many features like display Guest lists, Monetisation tools, analytics, and also Custom event page URLs


There is a free service called Shorten Club that allows you to put together a group of links and notes, which you can edit and share in your room and events.


Shorten Club works by allowing you to add URLs along with title text, including as many links as you like.

The PIN is displayed at the top of the screen. Save this number because once you close the page, the number will no longer be present, and you have no way to recover the links.

(Worth Mention 1) Rooms of Clubhouse

The Rooms of Clubhouse website allows you to search by keyword or topic for ongoing or upcoming rooms.

As of right now, the app does not seem to have a complete database of rooms, or the search function is very specific in the terms for which it is searching.

The other six rooms on the Clubhouse that mention “writers” or “write” did not appear in the Rooms of Clubhouse app.

(Worth Mention 2) iOS App: Clubfinder

With 🍏Clubfinder for iOS, you can find people on Clubhouse and promote your profile to be discovered.

There is still a long way to go with this app I think. The user experience needs to be fine-tuned. It seems that there are quite a few people already on the app, and you can add your profile to the list once you have visited several of theirs.

( Worth Mention 3) Find Clubhouse

Using Find Clubhouse, you can easily search for and follow clubs. If you have a club, submit it to be listed.

Most Useful Clubhouse Tools Conclusion

As soon as a new social media channel takes off and begins to gain traction, its power users usually identify areas that could be improved. In order to fill those gaps, they put together tools.

So far, a large group of entrepreneurs and marketers have developed and released third-party apps and tools that will streamline and utilize Clubhouse in new ways that aren’t available on the app. This is why they are listed as the most useful Clubhouse tools here.

That is my friend, just the beginning.

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