15 Effective Social Media Marketing Ideas to Give a Boost to Your Business

Are you running a business?

Do social media come under your marketing strategies?

If yes, then you must be well aware of the fact that how difficult it is to keep every business information up to date on different social platforms. With the changing time, it becomes quite challenging to come up with perfect social media marketing ideas for your business. Isn’t it?

Well, now you need not panic as you have landed the right place. In this piece of writing, I have mentioned some unique social media marketing ideas that can be very helpful to give a boost to your business. 

OK! Let’s get started…


Idea 1 – Run a Live Campaign on Facebook

Nothing can add more value to your business rather than interacting live with your fans, customers. Doing so will add on a layer of honesty to your social media marketing campaign. For example, – You can conduct a question-answer session where you can easily market your new products and can easily add fan experience. This is one of the best ways to engage your audience and drive their interest towards your brand.

Idea 2 – Post Some Infographics

Though Facebook isn’t usually the only place to post dense content, so you can go around this by posting some engaging infographics. All you have to do is, take intriguing insights and transform them into effectively shareable & visual substance. This is an incredible method to engage clients about your new products too without overbearing. 

Idea 3 – Run a Photo Contest

Another most interesting idea is to run a photo contest. For that, you can use some apps and run a contest on your Facebook page. After that, ask your customers, fans to share some attractive photos relevant to your brand & product. This can be the best idea to spread awareness of your Facebook page and increase engagement as well. This way, you can easily generate valuable leads and gather user-generated content and can use them later for future campaigns. 


Idea 4 – Host Live Q & A Round on Twitter

As we all know that Twitter is the most popular live streaming application, which means you can easily host a live Q & A round in your Twitter feed. And yes, do not forget to host your Livestream on Twitter in addition to other platforms like Facebook. This way, you can pull in more reach to your social platform. You can also prioritize videos from Periscope that will help your account a bit.

Idea 5 – Create Some Moments

Another amazing feature is available on Twitter, i.e., “Moments.” With this feature, now it has become much easier to compile a selection of Tweets, videos & photos. This is one of the best ways to create a seamless experience for your viewers. In addition, if you are running some other campaign, then you can take Tweets from your other accounts & create a Moment to summarize the campaign. After that, you can easily share that Moment with your followers so that you can share the experience with them.

Idea 6 – Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter poll is the less-used feature of Twitter. Polls are very easy, yet the engaging way to interact with your followers. By using this, you can easily drive engagement and discuss with your customers. As there are endless options available, so you let your follower decide or vote for an item/product to go on sale. Why not play around the Poll system? After that, analyze, whether it has a positive impact on your brand or not. 

Idea 7 – Share Content Generated by Users

Apart from using the aforementioned ideas, if you need to add on some flair to your content strategy, then the best way is to share user-generated content. All you have to do is re-upload the content shared by your users regarding your brand on your Twitter account. Well, doing so won’t bring much traffic to your website, but shows that you care about your followers. This marketing strategy can help you strengthen your brand. 


Idea 8 – Keep on Posting Consistently

It is very easy to fall off the YouTube train, so when you keep on posting consistently, then it will give your new viewers an incentive to subscribe to your channel. Same as Facebook and Twitter, it is also crucial to post on YouTube on a consistent basis. Remember, you can never draw in followers if you post on YouTube once in a month. So, don’t stop, just keep the content coming. 

Idea 9 – Link Your Content Within Your Video

YouTube videos and content always go hand in hand, but it completely depends on the way how you use them. If your only aim is to direct the viewers to your blog or website, then the best way is to link your content within your video or in the description. In case you are writing the content in the description, then you can write like – “Check out the link in the description…” so that the users can get an idea about it.

Idea 10 – Put Some Amazing Offers in the End

Though introducing coupons in the video descriptions are the best to drive YouTube traffic towards your brand, you can also link discount or coupon URL at the end of your videos. But, before that, you need to add a CTA at the beginning of your videos like “Watch the video till the end for a special discount/offer.” This way, more people will stay on your YouTube video, instead of finding the coupon in the description and leave. 

Idea 11 – Embed the Videos on Other Platforms

In case you are looking forward to driving more traffic to your YouTube channel, then one of the best strategies is to leverage the traffic that you have generated on other platforms. Suppose, if you have launched a new video, then make sure to feature it on your homepage; otherwise, create a new blog post for it. Also, share some new videos to your other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or upload short previews.


Idea 12 – Create a Partnered Post Along with an Influencer

Instagram is known as the palace for Influencers. Most of the Instagram users follow high-profiles for getting inspiration in different domains like fashion, food, and lifestyle. So, partnering up with an influencer with a huge following in your target market is one of the best ideas to share your product with new customers. For that, all you have to do is, reach out to the Influencer and send your products to interested ones, so that they can share their thoughts & experience with their followers.

Idea 13 – Run a Giveaway with Another Industry of Your Domain

Another one of the best marketing ideas is run to a giveaway for more social media engagement and brand awareness. For that, no other social platform works better than Instagram as it is the best platform to run contests on. Just partner up with another brand in your domain to offer a prize package of your best products. This can be done by running any type of contest like a photo contest. This way, you can gather user-generated content and save it for later use.

Idea 14 – Tag Other Influential Accounts in Your Photos

Tagging other big accounts in your posts is one of the best ideas to get your account being noticed. So, research more, find such accounts in your industry and tag them in your Instagram posts. The benefit of this is if someone doesn’t follow your business account will surely stumble upon it, and the chances of your business reach will increase. But, make sure to tag accounts only of your domain so that those who come across your account will be more interested in your brand.

Idea 15 – Host a Livestream on Instagram

There is one amazing feature that has been added on Instagram, i.e., “Live video broadcasting.” So, you can take advantage of this amazing feature and host a Livestream on your Instagram. But, as we all know that Instagram lives cannot be stored, so whenever you come live just run a quick Q & A round or share some interesting information. Just get creative in your live session and notice how much your followers are responding.

Wrapping Up…

OK! So, these are the 15 effective social media marketing ideas that will surely work for your business and help you increase your brand awareness right away. I hope you find these ideas helpful for your business. Now that you have already read all the aforementioned ideas, so tighten your belt and start implementing them. After that, you can notice the difference in the outcome and the boost in your business sales as well.

Good luck!

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