Top Side Jobs to Supplement Your Full-Time Career

A swift glance into the working world a few decades ago, and you suddenly begin to comprehend the incredible opportunities we now have, that were once wishful thinking. No longer tied to the office, the cubicle, and the nine-to-five mindset, the modern employee has the time and the means to focus on a multitude of interest, some of which can be quite profitable in this day and age. Something that may start out as a hobby can turn into a lucrative side career, while you can turn a profit with a unique skill you possess and simply add some pocket money to your weekly expenses.

The beauty of it is, you truly no longer need to limit yourself, not just to one particular job for your main source of income, but for two, or three, if you have the time and the passion to pursue them all. There are many people out there who spend their weekends house-sitting, while they blog on their laptops, and their regular Monday to Friday job might be, for example, teaching.

Whatever your current calling may be, you can always look for some added sources of income to support your endeavors, and the following list is brimming with ideas that have a high potential to make you money, and keep you happy!

Webinars and teaching

Of course, if you’re a teacher by day, you may want to take a different route, but the markets for online classes, seminars, and remote jobs for existing digital schools are exploding.

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One of the most sought-after digital teaching careers is working as an English teacher for schools in Asia, where you can set up your own schedule, and use materials and lessons that have been prepared for you.

Web design and development

Web design and development

If you have a knack for programming and handling web design platforms such as WordPress, you can work on a project basis with clients from all over the globe. The best way to start is via platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer, or to create your own website and showcase your expertise immediately.


Every wordsmith at heart will love their new side-gig as a blogger! For those who aren’t in a rush to turn a profit, you can start your own little website, create social media pages where you’ll share your content, and write about something you’re truly passionate about. In time, you’ll build brand relationships, write reviews of products you truly enjoy, and you’ll build relationships with other bloggers in your sphere.

Bookkeeping and accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting

There are so many little startups out there, but most of them specialize in their own narrow field of interest, while they outsource other company-related tasks. One of the most common responsibilities is dealing with financial transactions, paying employees, and invoicing, since these are not every entrepreneur’s strong suit. You can obtain a certificate IV in bookkeeping to leverage your talent, and earn a decent sum for the time you spend handling the finances of an interested company.

Freelance content creation

Another perfect side hustle for people who enjoy writing, and preferably have some knowledge of the ongoing digital trends in SEO and content creation – freelancing your talent to agencies and brands to write for them. From writing website content, product descriptions, social media posts, to crafting lengthy blogs optimized for search engines, your talent will come in handy in the modern era of online content consumption.

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

Whether your bunny, cat or doggo photograph well or you have a hobby that would make great Insta material, building up your social following on this particular network has proven to be quite profitable. You can mix your great images with blog posts, and of course, it will take time, but brands will soon start to flock to your account if you truly have some value to offer.

Arts and crafts

Making jewelry, unique clothes, birthday cards, puppets, makeup, you name it – the world is madly in love with all things authentic, and if you know how to find your audience, they’ll know how to find you, too. You can sell on your own website, or on a platform such as Etsy, or combine both approaches to increase the possibility to attract the right clients.

House, pet, and babysitting

Does your fulltime career require you to stay in a single location and work from an office? Then perhaps this is something you can reserve for a vacation, and actually, get paid to travel. People who work remotely, though, can see the entire world by staying at other people’s homes to take care of them while they are away. The same goes for caring for their pets and little ones, so you can take your pick, the former may be easier to handle, while the latter comes with some added responsibilities, but even a weekend away in a new place can be a refreshing change of scenery and a great way to earn extra cash.

Online surveys

Online surveys

As surprising as this may seem, modern companies put a great deal of effort into constantly adapting their products and services based on how the public and their customers see them. There are so many survey platforms where you can register, and the greatest perk is that you can choose how often you wish to fill out their questionnaires, what length they would be, and how much time to invest. Some offer cash payouts, while others have different reward systems, so you can do some research before you find the perfect match.

Uber Diver

Another great way to earn some money on the side is working for a company such as Uber. All you need is a car and some time to spare. You can choose which journeys to do and who to pick up. This is perfect for people who don’t have that much time as you can do it if and when you please. Learning how to become an Uber driver is easy as it is just like driving your friends around.

Fitness and nutrition

Finally, another great choice for the athletes among you is working in the fitness industry. If you wish to work as a personal trainer, online or offline, you may want to apply for a particular certificate to showcase your results and expertise. You can set up your own group or individual classes, create your unique training regime, tailor-make workouts for people, as well as the accompanying eating routine. This industry is flourishing, so whatever you choose, you’ll definitely find a way to contribute to your full-time income.

Finally, the beauty of the digital world is very simple: you can always keep exploring, discover new hobbies to turn into side-gigs and find new ways to improve your financial stability. Mix and match among these many profitable ideas, and you’re bound to find something that will give you not just a better income, but more pleasure, as well!

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