Top 6 Technology Trends That are Going to Change the Shape of Mobile App Development in 2019

By the end of the year 2020, the “mobile application development” is poised to be one of the top keywords in the search engine results. So, do you need to worry if you still have an offline business or a business with a website? Probably not! As long as you are willing to adopt this trend of digitization, after all, the very first lesson of business is to invest in the future of your vision.

In the recent past, there has been a ubiquitous utilization of smartphones among consumers. Thanks to the mobile app development companies, who have fueled this momentum and are all braced up to keep it alive.

While the year 2018 brought some nascent technological trends, the mobile app development industry in 2019 is poised to procure a significant share with its implementation.

Below are some noteworthy trends that are going to witness a proliferated rate of adoption:

Blockchain Technology to Observe Widespread Adoption in Mobile App Development

According to a recently published report by Transparency Market Research, the blockchain technology market is predicted to surpass a valuation of $20 Billion through 2024. With the foundation of this technology being laid in the previous year, 2019 will witness a phase of execution in terms of mobile apps.

Another notable driver fueling this trend is the increasing popularity of decentralized currency platforms. Owing to the reliability of such platforms, it is certain to go big this year.

Artificial Intelligence to Take Over the Manual Processes

Although artificial intelligence and machine learning is a no new phenomenon in the mobile app development vicinity, it is certain to explore many avenues. With the ease, speed, and accuracy possesses by artificial intelligence, consumers have found a new inclination. As a result of consumers’ demand for intelligent devices, artificial intelligence is going to witness a robust demand and implementation in mobile apps.

On-demand Apps to Penetrate in Every Industry

Need to travel? There’s on-demand service.

Need grocery? There’s on-demand service.

Need your laundry to be done? There are again on-demand services.

While Uber exhibited the way business can be done right without any self-owned pool of cars, the business model has been a Bible to the new entrants of digital businesses. As a sub-sequence, businessmen are exploring ways to fill the demand-supply gap and the trend is surely not here to do any soon.

Wearable to Become a Routine for the Consumers

Currently, wearable can only perform a set of basic tasks. However, with their rapid rate of adoption, the mobile app developers are hard-pressed to bring innovation in the mobile app development landscape.

Heart rate monitoring systems and safety apps have been making prosperity out of the wearable. With time, the medical field will dwell on wearable for a myriad of other application, which makes wearable apps a crucial trend for 2019.

Chatbots to Soar Sales Prospects

Once only used for communication, now for marketing; chatbots are really taking over the mobile apps on a swirl. With processes receiving a speed, there is a widespread demand for real-time information. Moreover, the chatbots are proved to be equally effective for sales, on the back of their excellent capability to enable easy navigation to the consumers.

Chatbots keep the consumers engaged for a longer time, which can help in improving the sales prospects. Also, with just a few interrogations, chatbots can find out the exact aim of leads and help them achieve it. Owing to this user-friendly ecosystem, chatbots are expected to be adopted at a proliferated rate.

Internet of Things to Take the Mobile App Development Trend on a Swirl

Need to switch on a light? Clap!

Want to set the temperature of your room before you get there? Press a button and it’s done!

All thanks to the ease of applications offered by the Internet of things. With the increase in digital businesses, sectors such as medical and education are planning to capitalize on the technology and leverage it to the optimum. In addition to this, the technology imparts a faster mode of communication between devices, owing to the interlinked devices. As a result, the internet of things is anticipated to grow profoundly in the mobile app development business.

Key Takeaway

Having learned about the trends of mobile app development, you will now be able to understand its dive into the business with even more clarity.

With so many positive benefits of having a digital business and looking at its lucrativeness, it can be implied that it is not yet to be concluded anytime soon and that their development is going to be sustainable in the forthcoming years.

So, if you want to venture into the digital business with the help of these trends, now is the right time to go for it, since there’s not much of the competition in the arena. It is recommended that you consult a reliable mobile app development company and share your business model to know the cost of the mobile app development.

The experience that they possess will help you enhance your business model and provide sustainability to it by adding a tinge of the future of technology to your business.

All the best!

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