How Twitter Can Help Shape Your Business

If you are reading this article then no doubt you are looking for ways to promote your business or service online. You may be new to the world of online marketing or perhaps you are looking for ways to increase the presence you already have. The first, most important point I have to make is that you should never underestimate the power of online marketing and the new levels to which it can take your business.

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Myspace vs Facebook vs Twitter – Site Analytics

More detailed analytics. Pretty interesting? What is your thoughts about this? Can you predict the future? Top Keywords Driving Traffic to: twitter twitter search see all 28,069 keywords (archived) facebook facebook login see all 498,021 keywords myspace see all 554,009 keywords

Internet Security: a Question of Privacy

In 2008, London-based BT Group became embroiled in a internet privacy backlash from customers that accused the global communications outfit from partnering with Phorm to surreptitiously mine internet usage data from unsuspecting users. The British government has so far refused to bring any formal action regarding the case, prompting that inaction to come under fire from the European commission.

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