Foreseeing the Future: SF Geek Dreams That Came True

Foreseeing the Future SF Geek Dreams That Came True

Art imitates life, but inspiration can go both ways. In the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond, Captain Kirk describes a ship cloaking technology that uses holographic camouflage to conceal a spacecraft from detection. Military researchers in the U.S. and U.K. are currently developing a similar technology that conceals soldiers from view by projecting images of their surroundings onto cloaks, allowing them to blend in with their environment. Such an example illustrates how technology in both science fiction and real-life often come together. Here are four examples of SF visions that preceded real-life technology in use today.

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Other Amazing Uses For The Oculus Rift

Once upon a time, war motivated mankind to develop technology at an unheard-of rate, resulting in many incredibly new breakthroughs, not least of all being the internet.

Today that has changed, and now it is commercialism, along with the community-driven power of the internet that is pushing technology forward at an accelerated rate. Just look at the Oculus Rift for instance – built for gamers and funded through ‘crowdsourcing’ – this is a ‘grass routes’ indie movement that has made virtual reality a possibility again.

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How SIGMO Can Solve The Language Barrier Problem [Gadget]

How many times you have found yourself going through a translation dictionary or an smartphone app when you wanted to understand something in foreign language? I am sure – quite the number of times.

Now, here is a Start-up who have a promising voice translation gadget called SIGMO. That can come really handy when traveling or even making a conversation in a foreign country. 

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World's Most High Tech Cars

High Tech Cars

It’s 2013 and technology is all the rage, especially in the motoring industry. Car manufacturers are continually introducing new and exciting technology to really tempt us to part ways with our hard-earned money. Thankfully for them, it works; we love gadgets in cars. But what are the most high-tech cars in the world? Which cars take technology to another level?

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