Be Like the Jetsons: Smart Home Automation for 2017

When you think of the ultimate modern home, you might think about “The Jetsons” cartoon, in which short work weeks, human cloning and being transported in vacuum-like tubes were the norm. While there might not be flying cars or on-demand food dispensers in 2017, homes are getting smarter, fast. If you are anxious to be like George Jetson and have your home do more for you, check out some of what’s new in 2017. You might be surprised by what is already automated.

BeOn Light Bulbs

There are many different types of smart bulbs on the market already, but these are cooler than the rest. BeON bulbs turn on at the sound of your doorbell or alarm, making them an excellent security system. Like other smart devices, BeOn bulbs learn your schedule so they can create a realistic illusion that you are home, even if you are out of town. You can use the fob to turn all your lights on at once if you’re coming home in the dark, or turn off the automatic features that are listening for your doorbell. They also have a backup lighting feature for when the power goes out or when a house fire disables your electricity.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

You no longer need to mop or sweep your floor the old-fashioned way. Instead you can buy a robot that does it for you. The iRobot Braava Jet 240 can do a wet mop, damp sweep or dry sweep on your hard floors automatically. This is meant for small spaces, such as a bathroom or kitchen, but it’s still better than having to clean them yourself.


Just the Toasteroid name itself conjures an image of a robot toaster, and that’s exactly what this Kickstarter campaign toaster promises to ship to your door in July of 2017. The cool part of the app-controlled Toasteroid is that you can toast a custom design onto the bread by using your smartphone. Toast your favorite superhero or villain, your name, a cute message for your kids or a fun drawing onto your breakfast. Now, if the toaster could only spread some Nutella or cinnamon sugar on the bread it would be the perfect morning gadget.


After you’re done transforming your loaf of bread into some fancy toast, you can throw away the empty bag and GeniCan will add a loaf of bread to your shopping list. Grocery lists don’t get created easier than this!


If keeping up with all the gadgets makes your head spin, ADT’s home control systems are the one-stop-shop for full home automation. You can arm and disarm your security system, turn on lights, start appliances and unlock your doors all from your smartphone. Their suite of home automation products work seamlessly together via an app. Unlike other smart home hubs, the customizable touchscreen helps you monitor all video cameras, motion detectors, lighting and more. Best of all, you can get text alerts when your primary entrance is opened.

More and more products will be automated in the future and the integration of those products will become increasingly coordinated. For now, the Jetson family would probably be impressed with what is available today to automate your home.

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