3 Revolutionary Technologies That Are Shaping the Future

3 Revolutionary Technologies That Are Shaping the Future

Self-driving trucks will be rolling your way in the near future. An autonomous truck completed a 2,400-mile test run from Los Angeles, California to Jacksonville, Florida without a human driver this month, marking a milestone in the progress of self-driven transportation. The company that ran the truck, Embark, already has five vehicles and plans to acquire another 40 for further testing this year. By 2028, between 500,000 and 1,500,000 self-driving trucks will be on the road, Uber projects.

Technologies such as these have the potential to transform society in more radical ways than might be immediately obvious. For instance, if you think Amazon overnight shipments are fast now, imagine what the logistics industry will look like when packing, shipping and unloading are all handled by robots and self-driven vehicles. Here’s a look at three other cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of society in fundamental ways.

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Technology Changing the Landscape of Education

Education level worldwide is ever-changing, particularly within the world through rapid advancement and improvement in technology. The new methods and process of techniques are highly available because the way through which the tutors teach and students are being taught through the important changes as well. It has been found that the basics of education and core principles remain the same however the method and process of teaching have been changed.

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3D TV and the Future

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3D TV and the Future
The dazzling 3D realism of the sci -fi world depicted in Avatar was a memory that will stay with me for a long time. The depth and added dimension that 3D which made you feel like you’re part of the on-screen action, and made characters seem more real. A good 3D movie is a mind blowing experience and Avatar was just that on the big screen.

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Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Will Influence the IoT Development Industry

The State of Artificial Intelligence

It’s so exciting to see IoT (Internet of Things) growing from a buzzword to a game-changer technology, revamping the business verticals and the ways information is gathered and employed. The technology witnessed endless barriers to gain momentum in the market, such as lack of standards, the absence of supporting technologies, highly-fragmented market structure, unavailability of strong security measures, etc. and is still struggling to become the USP of the technology world.

Though the challenges are still coming in the path of IoT adoption, the technology is expected to gain huge momentum in the market with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI technology that disrupted the market with its potential to empower machines to mimic human behavior and take wise decisions with less-to-no human intervention is steering the demand for IoT development. According to the top IoT app development company, AI is resolving various major issues associated with embracing the Internet of Things technology. Some of them are:

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Influences of Technology on Architecture and Design

Influences of Technology on Architecture and Design

Throughout the history, technological advancements have been the drivers of new architectural currents. From aiding the design and construction processes to setting new trends in the market that will meet the demand of the new era – most notable during the height of the industrial revolution when technological innovation quite literally reshaped the architectural doctrines of the time.

Not only is technology an inextricable part of every process in the architectural and design realms of the modern age, but it is also enabling the construction of interesting, ecologically responsible, and useful buildings and products the modern society desperately needs.

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