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5 Ways to Generate More Likes on Your Facebook Page

Here are some really easy ways to increase your readership and get more people to “like” your page

5 Social Media Trends That Are On Their Way Out

Great article about some predictions on fading social media trends.

How Google+ fits into the Social Media Space

Google plus has been receiving a lot of attention lately it is widely discussed in the social media circles. The Google plus, the latest offer from Google is all set to change the landscape of social media it is going create a revolution the way people interact with each other on the web.

Your Brand Voice on Facebook – 6 Most Important Factors

If you have your own business, it is so important to understand how to use Facebook to promote your brand. When you create a page for your business, you are potentially reaching millions of consumers, and you make your brand more accessible to them.

How Twitter Can Help Shape Your Business

For those relatively new to twitter - here are some ideas as to how you can include it as part of your online marketing mix

How to Link to Your Website on Social Media Websites

How and from where to link to your website on verious social media websites

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