Useful SEO Tactics to Increase the Conversion of E-commerce Sites

The 21st century is all about advanced mobile technologies and digital boom. Today, the majority of the businesses happen online. Naturally, this has given rise to a vast number of e-commerce websites that are making it big in the online shopping domain. Even though most people order things online now, it is essential for e-commerce brands to invest in advanced SEO (Search Engine Operation) tactics to increase their brand recall value as well as ROI (Return on Investment) and make profits.

For most e-commerce websites, the quickest route to maximized revenue is by enhancing conversion rates. Majority of the visitors that convert into sales will automatically increase the new revenue and ultimately, the lead to more profits. It is essential for e-commerce websites to reach out to an expert SEO agency to address their SEO requirements. An expert service provider is one that has evaluated e-commerce websites in almost all the industry verticals and has also worked with the in-house teams with many brands. These service providers through experience would know that maximizing the conversion rate for an e-commerce website needs sustained energy and effort. If you want you can reach out to the l.a SEO Experts team and others, to get professional assistance.

Also, discussed below are the essential tips that will help you to enhance your e-commerce conversion rate. These steps are easy to implement and guarantee productive change.

#1. Display trust using social proof, HTTPS and the badges

When a customer fails to trust your website, he/she will not feel the need to browse through your site and arrive at a purchasing decision. It doesn’t matter if your website looks good and expensive. For a customer to make a purchase, he/she has to be able to trust it. And here it is essential to make a move to HTTPS.

Simply put, HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is a much secure version of HTTP, which is a protocol on which the data get sent between the visitor browser and the website. When an e-commerce website is making use of an HTTPS, it suggests that every communication between the site and the browser gets encrypted securely. Get in touch with l.a SEO Experts team for more information.

#2. Ensure that all your essential buttons are made visible using striking colors

If you want your visitor to click on a chosen button, then you need to make it appear noticeable. Today, there’s a school of web designers that believe in developing websites having a consistent feel regarding color. Simultaneously, you also need to be particular about the colors that get used to denote your essential buttons.

Today, several e-commerce websites have used this color-play smartly. These websites have been able to experience high conversion rates by making use of striking colors for buttons where they want their customers to click. For instance, you can make the color of your “View Details” tag similar to that of your price colors. The reason being the first thing that people think of when they decide on an online purchase is the money. And just in case they are happy with the price, they automatically shift towards the desired button as it’s in the same color. So, go all out and experiment with multiple colors till such time you find the best pick for your brand.

#3. Minimize the cart abandonment using an exit offer

Exit offers to act handy when a customer is leaving the web page without buying a product or leaving a purchasing process incomplete. Certain pop-ups can be annoying and very intrusive. But there may be situations where website users might not return. Hence, with an aim to convert more of the abandoned cart visits to sales, you need not get hassled about how a couple of people might get “irritated” with the offer that you make.

Generally, there are two kinds of abandoned cart exit offers. It is the immediate offers such as a free shipping or discount code. And second, the offer to subscribe to a newsletter to redeem special offers later. When you provide an email offer, you offer ample reasons to the buyer to not make an instant purchase. It could be that they decide to come back much later. But the chances are that most won’t. Most likely, they will purchase the same product from some other website.

Hence, make an exit offer instantly as they leave, so that they can at least give it a second thought! When you provide a discount coupon code having a countdown timer, it generates a certain sense of urgency. Sometimes, the users might complete their unfinished buys and end up making a purchase. These are the same customer who initially wanted to leave, but has made an investment based on the discount that was on display as a cart exit offer.

There are several ways in which e-commerce websites can enhance their conversion rates. The above discussed three ways are few tactics to use that have worked for many e-commerce brands till date. You can refer to these three and opt-in for more tactics as you keep growing as a company.

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