Digital Marketing Is the Future of Customer Support

In this era, Digital Marketing is future support. Let’s take an example billions of searches are performed on Google every day while hundreds of them look for their daily solutions such an internet down, software not running, compatibility issues and other problems. Today digital marketing has to provide a way for better and improved customer support.

Digital marketing techniques and tools promote a better and more loyal customer experience. Developing content for your customers, creating a better strategy, testing and optimizing is the key to the success in digital marketing besides it also allows you to contact your customers and provides them support.

Here are the top technologies in the digital marketing field that are providing a better customer experience nowadays using the digital medium. 

  • AI
  • Chat Bots 
  • Personal Digital Assistants
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Voice Search
  • SEO Tools

Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing and artificial intelligence are going hand to hand. AI is transforming digital technology and provides much better insights and experience to the customers and companies. The most important aspect that why digital marketing is successful is that it provides much better customer support and experience.

Artificial intelligence is the intelligence performed with the help of machines. In this era, AI can think, respond and perform tasks like humans. Artificial intelligence has been increasingly popular nowadays because of the following reasons. 

  • It is more accurate
  • It is more precise 
  • It has fewer errors in its reporting’s
  • Ai analyzes data more deeply in order to provide much better insights

Various smart useful devices and algorithms are assisting the customers in a wide variety of ways in a much better way rather than that of humans. Home Automation System, GPS Trackers, and Voice Assistants are some of the examples. 

Nowadays AI has powered digital marketing in a wide variety of ways like Google Rank Brain Algorithm and voice search to amazon products recommendations are changing the digital landscape. 

AI can help you to determine market trends in a wide variety of ways. Automated Digital Marketing allows you to outreach a broader range of customers and different organizations are adopting this strategy in order to enhance their ROI and to improve their brand awareness. Here is the role of the AI in Customer Service and Support.

  • Helps you to understand your target audience
  • Enhance user experience
  • Much Effective Marketing
  • More ROI
  • Boost Productivity

Have a much deeper insight, 38% of customers think that AI has improved the user-experience while 73% of them prefer a business that uses AI rather than the business that is using the traditional ways to market their business.


ChatBots allows you to engage your audiences in a wide variety of ways. It allows you to derive much more targeted traffic, increase sales, retain your existing customers as well as acquiring new customers.

ChatBots assist digital marketers in a wide variety of ways. They act as distant virtual assistants for the customers such as you see chatbots on numberless websites, and can interact with them in solving your problems and needs. You can ask SIRI to set an alarm or Alexa to play your favorite song, 

Besides, chatbots there are the numberless tools that act in a very similar way to chatbots and allows you to engage with customers. You can integrate such tools in your text messages, emails, apps and websites. 

Personal Digital Assistants 

Personal Digital Assistants are also dominating the market nowadays by assisting customers in real-time. Alexa and SIRI are the best examples. It recognizes plenty of languages including voice recognition and more personalized search. 

The market will shift next year reaching 1.6 billion users in 2020. Besides different industries are leading the market that develops personal digital assistants in assisting customers relating to the different perspectives thus meeting their demands and needs. 

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain Technology is not a much-known term these days. Bitcoin is a known term in BlockChain Technology. 

Blockchain Technology such as Bitcoin is not powered by any bank or centralized organization, in fact, it is a network of many different peoples or organizations the more it is decentralized the more it is secure. 

Blockchain is a chain of different blocks that contain secure information. It usually applies to the timestamp digital documents; such documents are not possible for someone to temper or modify it. 

Usually, blockchain technology is used for the secure transfer of the funds without the involvement of any third-party organization like a bank or organization. 

Blockchain Technology has real-world examples like in 2016, in Dubai smart office introduced BlockChain Technology. Using technology entrepreneurs can connect with the investors and leading companies. 

The main objective behind the implementation of the BlockChain Technology is to enable the different industries to make Dubai the happiest city in the world. 

Besides, there is also another example, consumer retention as a service is based on the bitcoin technology. It is a kind of loyalty program that generates tokens for the affiliated with its network. 

In the above-mentioned example blockchain is exchanged continuously it is then stored on the user phone later you can access it using your browser. 

Voice Search 

Voice Search is also dominating the market nowadays with approximately 50% of searches performed through voice. Voice Search and Speech Recognition has been supporting customers in a wide variety of ways. Nearly 40% of the teens and young agers are using voice searches daily and the number is growing on a daily basis. 

In the future, digital marketers have to make their strategy in such a way that it fits the voice search within it. For this, they have to focus much on detailed search phrases and long-tail keywords.


In this article, we have discussed why digital marketing is the future of customer support. In our conclusion, we can conclude that AI will be the future of digital marketing whether you are a developer or you are a customer you should prefer AI over traditional mediums.

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