Voice Search SEO: Why your Brand Needs a Voice Strategy

Voice search has become evident that the future of online voice technology is never going to stop improving. Amazon and Google have made devices for homes tailored for voice search. This innovation has undoubtedly piqued the attention of various audiences, which you can use in incorporating in your brand. It has been seen as a need today to include a voice search feature in most businesses’ marketing plans since it is a fresh, engaging way to get new customers.

This innovation can hugely help you in outranking your competition in search engine result pages. It is still a rising technology, so it is very advisable to integrate it earlier before everyone uses it. In this article, we are introducing you the voice search technology and why you should put it in your marketing strategy.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search, in simpler terms, is the technology where a certain device or software uses voice recognition from a person speaking to it to make different actions or activities depending on the input by the user. Various devices are using this technology, from smartphones to assistant devices in our homes. One proof that voice search is a growing innovation and trend to incorporate into your strategies online is the statistics from Google wherein voice search inputs have grown exponentially every year that passes by.

Who Uses Voice Search?

No doubt that most people who use voice search are the ones who utilize a digital personal assistant in their everyday lives. It may be from your smartphones to owning an Amazon Echo or Google Home for your different daily needs.

According to a research made by Thrive Analytics about the usage of digital personal assistants, people aged from 44 years old are the higher number of users of this innovation than the early adopters or 18-43-year old people. Voice search is easier for them than to use a smartphone with small screens and small fonts. People in this age group cannot cope up with the fast growth of phone technology, so voice search makes everything accessible for them.

The users of voice search are growing every year, same with the advancement of the technology. The stigma of silliness when talking to a software or voice recognition app has minimized, and we are all now looking to its benefits and convenience it can bring to us. A survey conducted by MindMeld in October 2015 stated that most of the respondents of the research are new users of voice commands and search with an average of six months before the gathering of data research.

Why Do People Love Voice Search?

Most online searchers are enjoying the various benefits of using voice search in their online journey. It saves up the time from typing your query online and makes everything faster for you. Whatever you are doing in the house, a voice-automated assistant can make your work easier. You would not need to change your focus to search for something online; you can do it while doing the dishes or even cooking your family’s dinner for the day.

Another benefit is that users can search using any language they want. Search engines are improving their language reach which makes it accessible to many people, regardless of their knowledge of a formal language. Speaking it to a device makes everything easier instead of phrasing your words and typing it in a search box.

How to Optimize for Voice Search?

Unlike normal search engine algorithm and composition of search phrases, voice search is more of a natural way of finding something on the internet. It is considered as a conversational way of searching for information online. Also, voice search technology is mostly focused on locally and frequently used on mobile devices.

The fact that voice searches are conversational, it means that the input is longer than text search inputs.

Remember that this innovation is a target of instant searchers that need to make everything easier for them, such as businessmen and parents. It will be perfect if your business is targeting them as your audiences. If not, you can still incorporate this technology, but it may take time to be fully utilized by your target audiences.

Incorporate Voice Search Now!

Including voice search in the features of your website is something you should want to implement on your site. It is way easier to use this than taking a lot of time phrasing and typing your query to search engines. Giving a convenient experience to your users can potentially generate more sales for your company.

You should do it not only because you need to be in sync with the online trends, but also you can give a fascinating and unique user experience to your potential customers. Voice search technology can build a new brand persona to your audience, and build a conversational and natural relationship with them.

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