6 Reasons Your Blog Isn’t Working

6 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Working
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You keep hearing how important blogging is both for your SEO and your online marketing strategy but you can’t see why, you’re posting something every day but you’re not seeing any results from it, no one is converting, you’re not getting any productive comments and you’re just not sure where it’s all going wrong. Let me tell you…

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Too Self Centered

Every office, every party, even every family has one, that one person who honestly believes the sound of their own voice and their own opinions are all anyone wants to hear. If this sounds like your blog pack it in! If you’re publishing post after post just talking about yourself it’s not surprising no one wants to read it, unless you’re the Queen or Lady Gaga we doubt your life is that interesting. Look at what’s happening in the world, look at what your industry leaders are talking about, look at the latest gadget or gizmo – it’s not all about you!

Poor Presentation

The reason your blog is so unpopular might just be something as simple as poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. If the majority of your posts average one full stop every six and a half lines it’s not going to be easy to read. If someone opens one of your posts and is immediately faced with a huge page full of blocks of text they’re bouncing straight back to the previous site. Give your posts some attitude and always double check it for any school boy errors.

No Call To Action

If you’re upset because you’re not seeing anything productive from your blog make a note of what it is you really want to see. Are you looking for conversions straight from the blog? Do you want people to click through to the main website or are you just looking for people to complete a down load? Whatever it is it needs to be obvious and in their face. Don’t hide sign up or download buttons at the bottom of the post and don’t assume a couple of in-copy links hidden away are enough to get traffic through to the site.

No Promotion

It could be a case that you’ve got the most perfect blog in the world, beautifully written posts full of informative and useful content but it’s just that no one knows it’s there. If no one can find it then it’s not surprising you’re not getting any conversions from it. Guest posting can help build your blogs name in your industry. You also need to do some SEO for the blog itself too, make sure all the onsite elements are in place and you’re link building to it.


Maybe you think you’ve got something really cleaver and useful but if no one else agrees your opinion is moot. You need to make sure people actually want to read and share what you’ve got to say. In a lot of cases it goes back to making sure you’re not just posting for the sake of it and checking out what other people in your industry are talking about.

No Incentive

Whatever you want to achieve from your blog posts, whether it is a conversion, or a click through to the website or even just to read some other posts on your blog you need to give people a reason to do this. You wouldn’t build a link building campaign around just expecting people to link to you, in most cases you’ll be offering something like content in exchange for that link. Run some free prize draws or some whitepaper downloads – something that is going to help you achieve your goal.

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