5 Ways You Can Increase Your Sales with Help of Customer Support

Customer service has always played a significant role in the consumer’s journey, more now than ever. That’s why the majority of companies these days are focusing more on offering an appropriate buying experience rather than selling the products itself. And this practice has greatly contributed to creating a solid base of reliable customers.

Ever since the evolution of social media, it has become very easy for consumers to leave positive or negative feedback regarding the customer service they received. All the more reason why you too should start focusing on having an exemplary customer service if you are keen on increasing your sales this year.

Generally, customer service is of two types; online which allows you to stay connected to your customers via emails, live chat support etc. and offline which takes a more traditional approach, using face-to-face meetings, letters, fax etc. And even though both of them have different approaches, their purpose is identical; to help increase your sales.

So, let’s find out how you too can achieve great sales performances with the help of customer service outsourcing.

1. Solicit feedback to improve your product/service

A major perk of offering customer service is that you get the opportunity to receive customer feedback which depending upon whether it’s good or bad, can be used to improve the quality of your product or service.

So, if the customers are satisfied with the service, naturally they will give a good feedback which can then be used as a testimonial for your product to help convince others to make the purchase from your store. Placing customer testimonials on your website is a great strategy that can have huge impacts on your chances of getting more sales.

But what if you received bad reviews? Well, in that case, just remember, a bad customer feedback is only bad if you handle it the wrong way. Start by apologizing to the customer followed by identifying and resolving the issue as soon as possible. Once you have made the amendments, you will see the negative feedbacks turn positive in no time.

2. Be available for support

We all know how good customer support can lead to stronger customer loyalty while bad customer support weakens it, forcing your long-time customers to switch over to your competitors with better support service. So, how can you too improve the quality of your support?

First of all, be proactive. Instead of waiting for the issue to arise and then work on to solve it, try to address them head-on. For instance, do you feel like your product is somehow confusing? Identify what’s making it complicated and resolve it before the customers find out.

And secondly, make sure your phone number and email id are prominently displayed on your site. And for those who do not prefer talking over the phone or waiting for an email response (whose number is increasing day by day), online chat support might be a much better alternative. Studies also show that customers prefer live chat way over any other form of support.

3. Remember the important dates

Always keep track of important dates such as your customers’ birthdays or the day they made their first purchase off your store with the help of your CRM system. Later on, you can use these dates either as a reminder to do something special or setting up a marketing campaign on their big day. For example, you can send in a handwritten note which is not only budget-friendly but can greatly solidify your company-consumer relationship.

Recognition of birthdays and anniversaries are always appreciated, regardless of the forms, it takes. Even small efforts such as sending out an automated but personalized email wishing birthdays goes a long way in improving customer loyalty and thus, your sales.

4. Always go the extra mile

Customer service isn’t always about helping the customers resolve their issues, sometimes it’s more about assisting customers even when they don’t need it. Suppose you have an online food store with many customers. Among those is a person who always buys one particular food item from you more often than others.

You start following this customer on social media and soon realizes that his birthday is coming up. Now, as I mentioned earlier, you can either wish him through a personalized email or can send a handwritten card to make it more special. But this time you decide to go the extra mile and along with the birthday wish, you send him his favorite food item for free. Just imagine his happiness on receiving the free gift and the publicity you will get in return once he proclaims it in front of his friends and family.

5. Give them memories instead of just products

The last way is to work on and deliver the service you promised. It is the key to making your business memorable for your customers. Go beyond what is expected from you, try to focus on their desires rather than the requests. And always be open to suggestions. Exactly like you do with your personal relationships, always ready for communication and open to improvements.

Identify the customers who haven’t been in touch with you for some time now. Call them, email them, or by chance, you are in the area, visit them. This element of surprise will reinforce the fact that you do care for your customers and their business besides providing you with the opportunity to check in on their satisfaction level with your business.

There you go, your top five ways by which you can increase your sales with the help of call center outsourcing. The only time you connect on a deeper level with your customers is when you really make them feel special. Just put in a little extra effort and the never-ending rewards are all yours to reap.

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