Business AI Chatbots – Why You Shouldn’t Ignore [Infographic]

AI chatbots have been around for a while. Now, many companies rely on artificial intelligence to support their sales and customer service teams. Using chatbots allows these companies to save a significant amount of money.

Despite the benefits, some businesses are still skeptical about this technology. One of the reasons is that not many people are aware of the multi-fold benefits it brings.

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How Company Retreat Can Create a Positive Culture (Infographic)

Hosting a company retreat is a perfect way to build a positive and empathetic company culture from the top down. Find out the hidden talents within the office, refocus your team, or even explore somewhere new to spark inspiration. With over 80% of the workforce reporting that their job is too stressful, there’s no better time to flex that corporate account and show some appreciation for your hardworking employees.

Planning an effective company retreat doesn’t have to be yet another assignment piling up on your desk, especially if you delegate effectively. Start with getting the other members of the leadership involved. Ask for their input on team-building and networking events alike and build from those suggestions.

Next, plan the goals of your event. Without measurable outcomes, you won’t know how effective the retreat was. They can be tangible, like introducing a new product line or service, or they can be intangible like improving communications between departments. In either case, make sure you document the goals so you can reflect on them with your team post-retreat.

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Most Common Harmful Mobile Apps Your Kids Might be Accessing

Most kids use the internet to search for information, play games and chat with friends. However, kids are vulnerable to many online threats if left unsupervised. As such, all parents need to know the many online risks and, if possible, monitor their kid’s online activities. 

Check out the popular dangerous mobile apps for kids:

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Transform Boring Office to Flexible Workspace

To make a good impression on your employees and give them more reasons to stay, you need to be mindful of their needs. One of those is providing them with a comfortable working environment, which is what flexible workspace is all about.

The principle of flexible workspace is quite simple: it gives employees the freedom to choose where or how they work around the office. Although you can still provide them with dedicated workstations, the trick is in being more creative in the way you set them up and the rest of your office.

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5 Main Benefits of Live Chat Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is one of the main deciding factors whether you will make it in your niche or not. Even if you have a killer product, the way you communicate and help your customers plays a significant role in your success.

As it is common knowledge now that happy customers tend to buy more and generate a great deal of word-of-mouth, customer experience needs to be one of your top priorities.

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