Most Common Harmful Mobile Apps Your Kids Might be Accessing

Most kids use the internet to search for information, play games and chat with friends. However, kids are vulnerable to many online threats if left unsupervised. As such, all parents need to know the many online risks and, if possible, monitor their kid’s online activities. 

Check out the popular dangerous mobile apps for kids:

1. Kik Messenger

The KIK is a mobile-only app that enables members to chat online. Most kids and teens love this app since its private due to its “mobile-only” feature. However, predators use it to seek out children by sending images and more. Worse still, you can use it for sexting. In case you have found your kid’s phone messing his or her head, you can opt to sell that phone but promise to get another one when they become of the right age.

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2. Tinder

Tinder is a popular dating application used by people seeking romance or more. When using Tinder, your kid can quickly become a victim of exploitation. They can also get exposed to inappropriate images of adult nature. There’s no way you can identify one’s age or identity while using the app, as such scammers use social media connection to verify your kid’s age. Tinder is a “hook up” app and is one of the child predator apps.

3. Whisper

Though the app seems innocent, it’s used to post anonymous secrets and this can pose a great danger to your kid. As such, predators can easily form relationships with kids and teens. It also shows the location of the user and this can be risky.

4. Snapchat

Why is snap chat dangerous? It’s all about brief videos that disappear after a short time. Once sent, you have to erase them, and the notion of temporary can make many people send inappropriate information and images. This way, kids can easily get exposed to adult content. Furthermore, it’s also not easy to control kids using the app.

5. Down App

The Down app is probably one of the most dangerous mobile apps for kids. It can pose a lot of danger since it connects Facebook and divides friends into two sections. The sections are for those who want to be just friends and others are for those seeking sexual partners. It’s an anonymous hookup app that poses many threats to kids.

Check out the popular dangerous mobile apps for kids
Infographic: Dangerous mobile apps for kids

Take away

With the advent of various dangerous mobile apps for kids as a parent, you must beware of such apps. This way, you can devise ways different ways to monitor your kid’s online activities, and this ensures their online safety.

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