6 Ways RCS is Being Used By Top Businesses in 2020 (Infographic)

RCS will allow businesses to more easily interact with their customers, as well as provide more opportunities for multimedia messaging. In addition to regular text messages, it will become easier to send GIFs, videos, and high-resolution photos. For example, RCS Messaging will allow you to quickly find out the status of an order or provide companies with the opportunity to receive customer comments on their sites and use the feedback database in the future to build their marketing strategies.

Here are 6 Use Cases of RCS in 2020

Business Messaging

According to many statistical analyzes, SMS is one of the most effective communication channels available for business, but it suffers from many limitations. While Google RCS allows you to expand the possibilities of communication with your customers, enrich multimedia messages, and make them more attractive from a marketing point of view.

Unlocking Core Business Features

For example, if you are in the hotel business, you need to make ordering your services as simple as possible. However, for most hotel visitors, this means that you need to call the hotel to reserve a room. And this is an additional investment of time. But with RCS, customers can book a room in less than 2 minutes on their phone.

RCS Bots

To be able to compete in market conditions, companies need to focus on superior customer service. Chatbots become much more accessible to consumers with many benefits that RCS technologies can provide them. RCS chat robots are built into the messaging application, so access to all the necessary information about the availability of the product, delivery status, reservation, the necessary information about services and prices, and much more becomes incredibly fast and simple.

Retarget an Audience

Retargeting is the most profitable customer acquisition strategy for e-commerce. RCS allows you to highlight regular messages against other text messages and attract the attention of potential buyers.

Quick Updates

Companies can also use RCS messaging to send quick updates – both advertising and logistics. RCS allows you to create better notifications that include company colors, logos, and additional information such as images and QR codes. Multimedia not only makes the notification more visually appealing but also more convincing.

Customer Feedback

RCS messaging provides two-way communication, which means you can easily get feedback from your customers. Feedback is a very important aspect of building a marketing strategy and developing a new product or service. RCS messages can also be used to collect feedback, analyzing which correctly plan the further process of marketing development of the company.

In order for you to use RCS, this technology must be available in your area and supported by your mobile operator. RCS uses Wi-Fi or mobile data for multimedia messaging. In addition, the RCS implementation must take into account the data transfer restrictions and message size imposed by the user device or service provider. Today only some of the top businesses have been able to use it but it’s expected to be available worldwide in 2020.

Ways RCS is Being Used By Top Businesses

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