5 Ways to Earn Money While You Travel

5 Ways to Earn Money While You Travel 1

One of the most frequent obstacles when it comes to traveling is financing. We can only set aside a certain amount before the trip and it can quickly disappear. Is there some way to circumvent this logistical problem? The solution is to make money while we travel. This can mean we can prolong our adventures maybe even indefinitely.

Earning money on the road can be surprisingly easy. There are plenty of occupations, side gigs, etc. that can enable us to do so. Most of these options exist because of the internet.

With its availability everywhere, we can remain online and do our thing, no matter where our adventure has taken us.

Sure, we would not be able to operate a forklift or build a house remotely, but we can do many other things. Here are some pointers on making money on the go.

#1. Freelancing

Now more than ever, companies around the world are in dire need of freelancers. Copywriting, web development, you name it, many occupations can be fulfilled remotely.

That is, independently of where we find ourselves physically. If we can find our way around a laptop and know how to create engaging content, we can make good money while abroad.

The most well-known site for such endeavors is Upwork where we can filter jobs by industry and category.


#2. Being a web designer

Today, a business really has no reach until a website is established with all the necessary information. Having basic knowledge of WordPress, HTML, and Web publishing is a great way to start.

If we have the ability to conjure up a decent website, we can take our job on the road with us. Using the same site from the previous paragraph, we can offer our services as a freelance web designer.

#3. Teaching English

It has been quite a while since the English language has become the global medium of communication. Therefore, there is a very big demand all around the world for people to learn it.

It could be for education or career advancements, to name a couple or any of the million other reasons. Being an online English teacher can be very lucrative.

With a laptop, a camera, and a microphone, we can be all set, even while on the road. Worth noting, some positions do require at least a Bachelors Degree or a teaching certificate as a TEFL.

#4. Opening an online store

This is an option we can start with even before moving on to the road. We do not even need a website to start selling. Websites like Etsy can help us create our own store and promote our products.

Let’s say that our traveling adventures leave us with not enough time to manage our inventory. In that case, we can consider and include affiliate sales on our own website. What are affiliate items?

Those are products sold by a third party that will earn us a commission for marketing. For example, a $100 product might bring us a $5 in commission on some of the online purchasing websites like Amazon or eBay. As a rule of thumb, affiliate programs pay out 4-12% of the total value of the product.

Basically, having a large audience is pretty much a must to gain any significant income to support our traveling adventures.

#5. Starting a private business

Starting our own business can give us a lot of freedom, financial being just one of them. This can also be done independently of our plans for traveling.

It allows us to set our own goals, to be our own boss, and set our own working hours. If we start an online-manageable business, we can work from anywhere in the world and be a true digital nomad.

Starting a business is not something that happens in a spur of a moment. It requires careful planning, resources, time, and dedication. And unless we are sitting on a mountain of cash, we would need a loan, sooner or later.


It is especially useful if we want to kick-start the endeavor. And if we need it online, there are plenty of organizations like OurMoneyMarket that make it painless for us to go through with.

Now more than ever, we have the easiest time working remotely. With the advent of the internet came all the occupations that can use it as a global medium.

This advancement in technology makes for a perfect opportunity for one to see the world and still be financially sound.

The finances we save up until we make that first step can only last us for so long. Anyone of these methods can be used to keep that money coming in. Not all careers coincide with all the benefits online and remote mediums offer.

Thankfully, most of these types of occupations are easy to learn and get into, so why not try it now?