6 Traditional Marketing Solutions To Support Your Online Brand

Judging by the enthusiasm with which digital advertising marketing is being promoted online, one would think that we have finally stumbled upon the holy grail of marketing. While it is true that worldwide internet coverage has opened up a whole new playing field for advertising specialists, this didn’t render all other marketing strategies somehow obsolete.

Traditional advertising techniques are as effective as they ever were, even if they are no longer in the spotlight. And in fact, the rise of digital marketing has often been accompanied by an increase in relevance of some older advertising methods. Marketing experts are starting to realize that instead of replacing traditional marketing solutions with brand new digital ones, they are better off trying to combine them for maximum effectiveness.

The digital world is starting to spill over into real life by means of technologies such as AR, holograms and smart devices, creating new advertising opportunities for those who are willing to embrace both old and new marketing methods.

To give you a taste of how traditional marketing can combine and interact with its digital counterpart to produce better results than using either method in isolation, we have come up with a list of ways in which offline marketing solutions can work to promote your online brand.

Print Media

Despite being somewhat in decline in recent decades, print media is far from being irrelevant. Reading the newspaper is still a part of the daily routine for a lot of people, and magazines can still be found on many coffee tables. In order to support themselves, print media relies heavily on advertising, so it is pretty is easy to find a promotional deal that works for you. Just be sure to include your company logo and URL in every ad published.

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Stickers, Flyers, Leaflets

These assorted bits of paper and cardboard are easy to design, cheap to make and convenient to distribute. They have just enough space on them to include all essential information related to your brand. QR codes can substitute URLs if you find it easier to incorporate them into the visual design. While you are at it, why not set up a flyer stand with your company logo as well? That way even if your leaflets run out, potential customers will still be able to encounter your brand.

Branded Office Supplies

A quick and dirty way of spreading your name around is by printing it on common office items such as pens and notebooks. People tend to collect items such as these or pass them around, and in both cases, your company stands to gain something. Just don’t forget to print your URL somewhere. If you want to be extra clever, try adding a funny one-liner in addition to the link, it will bring a bring a smile to someone’s faces while reminding them of your brand.


Billboards have long been a staple of advertising and for good reason. Nothing says “Notice me!” better than 20 feet wide picture frame with your brand placed squarely in the middle of it. They are on the pricier side of advertising methods, but well worth the investment, if you can afford it. With so much space available, you can cram a lot of brand information on them, including links to your website and social media profiles.


One of the best ways to spread the word about your brand is by spreading the word around – in person. Adverts are all well and fine, but in order to convince people that your brand is worth their attention, the best approach might be to talk them into it. Take the time to visit local trade shows, business gatherings, and training seminars, and start telling people why they should give your online services a try. Also, make sure to put your URLs on your business card as well.

TV Ads

Television has been undergoing something of a Renaissance in recent years thanks to the wide-scale adoption of smart TVs. These devices combine cable services and online streaming and browsing into a single high-tech package. Why not leverage this by creating TV ads peppered with URLs towards your websites, which viewers can then immediately access at a click of a button?

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