Top 7 SEO Tips for Brands

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Most of the business owners focus on SEO for their website, completely forgetting about their brand name. This means, they are not controlling all of the results on the first search page which can be really bad if there are some negative reviews and comments. It is important to do SEO for your brand because people often do a research before doing business with you.

So what exactly are the 7 steps you need to take in order to control the page results?

  1. Research – The first thing you need to do is research. Do it as if you are a customer or a supplier – search for your brand and check the first three pages. What you need to do at this stage is make a list of all the positive feedback, reviews and articles about your brand. Then research your competitors and do the same thing. You will end up with a list of URLs with positive mentions which will help you find out what you and your competitors are ranking for.
  2. Update – Now that you have this list, the next step is to update all of those positive mentions with new content. You can include recent information about your company, images of products you offer, images of your employees or talk about events you organize. Anything positive that will help you look more credible works. Don’t forget to include a link back to your website for general SEO purposes. That link will also help people who like this content, visit your website more quickly.
  3. Register – Look at all the profiles you don’t have and all of the profiles your competitor has and rank well for and register them. For example, if your competitor’s LinkedIn profile comes up when searching for his brand and you don’t have a LinkedIn profile at all – make one.
  4. Domains – Getting additional domains is something you should really try to do. The results will be better if it is an exact match domain. For example: “” or “” would work really well. The important thing is not to copy content or whole portions of your main website and paste them on your new domain. You will have to create unique content in order for this to work.
  5. Content – The next logical step is to start creating unique content in order to promote those profiles and domains. You can write articles, blog posts, press releases, create lenses and hubs and more in order to link to your main site, your new domains or your positive mentions. Press releases are great because you can write about anything new that happens in your company – a new employee, the opening of a new department, a new store and basically anything else you can think of that is newsworthy. Have a press release or two that are not time specific ready to be published at any time.
  6. Link Building – Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. After creating your content you can use it to link to different things. For example you can link to your Wikipedia page from an article, a press release and a hub page. You can also link to a press release from an article, your website and Facebook. This is a process where you need to be creative and persistent. Remember to keep on building links because if you stop everything you have done might go down the drain.
  7. Track – Tracking your results is one of the most important things you should do. That way you will know how you are doing and which profiles you need to be focusing on. My advice is that you should first see which profiles are doing better than others and concentrate on them. Then you can go back and start working on the ones that are not doing so good.

But the most important thing when doing SEO for your brand is to never stop. There will always be people to write negative reviews and comments. You need to keep optimizing the good mentions in order to push the negative ones further down the results pages where people can’t see them. If you follow those 7 steps, you will be able to control the results people will see when searching for your brand.


Alexander Valchev works currently as SEO Specialist for SEO Pal Ltd. – a leading SEO agency in Bulgaria.

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