8 Ways to Make Your Content Go Viral on Social Media

Viral content is a piece of content that spreads like wildfire. It could a social media content of different forms that gets shared multiple times by multiple users in a short span of time. This is something that every Marketers/Bloggers dream, isn’t it? Getting that fame and exposure is what we crave for.

With the latest fortunate boom in digital technology, it has become very easy to post on social media platforms. However, this has made it difficult to be noticed in the crowd. Each one in the market is targeting at the same viewers you are and striving hard to be noticed. With thousands of content posted every second, it becomes trickier to get your content go viral.

While there is certainly no formula that works to get your content go viral, there’s a certain framework that’s common between all viral content. It’s not easy to know which content from your content calendar will catch your viewer’s fancy at a given time. But there are still certain things you can keep in mind while creating content that can go viral.

But first understand what’s common in all viral content:

  1. Content instilled a sense of amusement, curiosity or plain humor.
  2. Content is something that concerns every viewer and connects well with them.
  3. The content was fact-based and from trustful sources.
  4. Sharing the content makes the viewer seem intelligent and aware. Brands are using Taboos and issues that concern the society at large.

Here are 8 simple ways to make your content go Viral: –

#1. Understand your audience/viewers

Making your content go viral means getting it in front of the right audience you are targeting at. You won’t be able to create valuable content if you do not have a clear picture of the audience you are targeting at. At the same time, it becomes easier for you to understand the physic of a particular set of people and aim at creating content to connect with them. Whereas, when you target to reach out to a very large variety of audience, it becomes trickier to ideate your content.

#2. Check what connects with them

Once you have understood the persona you are targeting at, it becomes easier to be in their shoes. Do your research online and offline to check for things that concern them or impress them. These will give you clear insights into their behaviors. And then, the next logical step would be to create an emotion that connects with them. Emotion is what drives your audience to take the action you want them to. After this, you can work on writing the perfect content using the best of tools.

#3. Make sure you convince your audience to create user-generated content

Engagement is what makes your content go viral. Encourage your audience to discuss and criticize your content. Talk back to them and engage them. Take this engagement a step ahead from just sharing and make it interactive. For example, don’t just include a link to your content on social media instead post the content.

#4. Ensure if your content adds value to your audience

Are you ensuring the quality of your content? It very important that you add a value of some form, to your audience. Creating content that adds value and is relevant/useful to your audience will ensure that it gets shared multiple times. For example, a content that makes sense in daily life and can be put into action immediately will keep you ahead in the game.

#5. Publish your content when the time’s right

Timing is very important. It’s rightly said, “Hit the iron when it’s hot”. This is a great way of using the available momentum to make your content go viral. The emotions are already high, be updated about latest news and make the best out of this opportunity. Whereas being careful to create content that doesn’t oppose the present sentiment. A content on wellness is less likely to go viral on Election day.

#6. Do not oversee the power of strong visuals

Using strong visuals leaves a powerful impression on the viewer’s mind. Make use of relatable and multiple images within your content. Make sure you include high-quality visuals, which when done wrong can be very distracting to the viewer. It will help your content to stand out from the crowd.

#7. Make sure your content is good enough to be shared with famous influencers

Influencers already have the attention of the audience you are targeting at. Getting them to share your content will leverage your chances of going viral. It shows that your content is approved by renowned people who have experience in the field. Not just it makes you seem believable but also ensures more shares.

#8. Be simple and funny

Though obvious, this is one of the most underrated ways of going viral. It is seen that content that is easy flowing and relatable, have higher chances of going viral. If your content is hard to understand, the bounce rates would be higher.

Author Bio: Arkya Dey executes and strategizes content marketing campaigns at PagePotato. An MBA by education and a designer by heart, he loves analyzing social media trends and likes to read/write on human behavior & managing workspaces. Apart from this, he makes Infographics and Explainer videos on his favorite subjects. He hits the gym daily & in his spare time, he helps upcoming movie makers with script writing. You can also find him on LinkedIn & Twitter.

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