9 Tools Bent on Making You a Design King

The modernized online courses and tools are some of the great resources that not only newcomers, but also experienced designers use on regular basis to keep them updated with the industry trends and clients’ preferences.

Let’s examine the tools that not only enhance your skills and fluency in designing, but also strengthens your resume and future career prospects for elevated positions, projects and clients.

The Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle

Apparently, we all know that MS Paint and PowerPoint has a very limited reach when it comes to designing. It is time to get serious and start refining your graphics and image editing skills with this all-in-one training bundle.

Besides understanding the use and dynamics of Photoshop for countless purposes, the learner also gets to learn other video editing and visual graphics manipulations tools such as Premiere Pro, Lightroom, After Effects, etc.

The Ultimate Design and Animation Pack

If you have always had a thing for designing, but never really got your hands on some full-fledged training, then it is time you acquire a genuine, premium instructions manual to take you from a freshmen to experienced level.

The learners will enjoy spending limitless hours on rigorous trainings featuring all the aspects of design, animation, engineering and more. You will also acquire a hands-on experience on DesignCAD, Photoshop, Unity, InDesign, and Autodesk Maya.

Furthermore, the animations courses on Unity 5, ZBrush, Cinema 4D, Mudbox, Nuke, Keyshot and Interface Mocha Pro trainings are some great add-ons in your designing arsenal.

The WordPress Lifetime Bundle

WordPress remains the undisputed open-source content management system across the globe fathering over 75 million websites. While opting such lifetime bundles will give you more-than-ample content on designing powerful, competitive websites.

Besides learning how to select the right domain, host a website, create effective copies, and flirt with the fundamentals of web development, the learner also acquires an understanding of the concepts of SEO, social media, analytics and e-commerce.

Animatron Studio Pro Plan

Video is one of the biggest reasons why 2.6 billion smartphone users worldwide remain glued to their devices. This is where Animatron comes in, a video and animation development company that individual users and businesses can hire for creating mind-boggling visual content.

Learners and pro designers use the tool to create a plethora of content including explainer videos, HTML5 banners, presentations, and related stuff. One of the best things about the tool is that its intuitive interface is designed for both novice and professionals for quick adaptability.

Visualmodo WordPress Themes

Understandably, not everyone has enough time to brainstorm and design a website out of nothing. In order to streamline your process and save time, a Visualmodo membership will allow you access a plethora of WordPress themes and templates.

It doesn’t matter if you want to create pages with elite resources, elegant galleries, a proper blog, a diverse portfolio, or an online store, these themes will cater all.

StockUnlimited Vector Plan

Trying to source different design components into your projects is a tedious, time-consuming task. With StockUnlimited Vector Plan in hand, the designer gets to acquire hundreds and thousands of top-notch vector designs at his/her disposal.

A subscription with allow you to have unlimited downloading of icons, buttons, backgrounds, stock graphics, textures, and numerous other assets to create websites, blogs, banners, emails, and more.

Visme Standard Play: 1-Year Membership

Not everyone might feel like mastering Photoshop, in this case, you can turn to Visme without sacrificing your desire for creating top-notch, sophisticated designs and content. With a subscription secured, the learner will acquire features to create stunning presentations, infographics, reports, etc. regardless of the client’s industry or requirements.

From an endless pool of fonts, images and buttons, the designer has the liberty to make the wildest design pops and dynamic masterpieces.

The Premium Bootstrap Theme Bundle

Creating a website can be rewarding and equally tiring, mainly due to the same motions done repetitively. This powerful asset bundle is a big YES for people wishing to stretch their designing expertise to the next level.

Stuffed with 311 customized plug-ins, 26 bootstrap templates and UI kits, 9000 handcrafted elements, 524 examples pages, this bundle is a marvel of designing. The bootstrap templates will make your websites more interactive and engaging and learners can seamlessly integrate new assets into their workflow.

UI & UX Design Bootcamp

Learners and even professionals should remember that no matter how great their app or website is, it’s as good as nothing in the user’s interest if the user experience is dull and unattractive.

While the core purpose of this bootcamp is to appropriately prepare you on how to develop products and place special emphasis on their UX. Hence, eventually translating into a positive customer experience and reviews.

This UI and UX design bootcamp will elevate your understanding and skills of UX like never before and enable you to create a potent UX strategy. Rising above the hardcore designing, you will be further able to interview users, create and lead projects from start to finish, lead an entire UX team, and even become a top UX consultant.

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