How UX and CRO Work Together to Increase Conversions

How UX and CRO Work Together to Increase Conversions

User experience (UX) isn’t something that only concerns marketers and web designers. As attention spans grow shorter, and customers demand quicker solutions to their problems, UX is becoming increasingly relevant to all internet users.

When you think of improving UX, you may think of the technical changes that you must make to your company’s website. These alterations are undoubtedly vital if you want visitors to stick around and take action.

However, improving UX doesn’t stop there. You must also consider how to improve the comprehensive user journey. The pathway is what compels them to take action. 

Sometimes, entrepreneurs may view UX and CRO (conversion rate optimization) as conflicting forces. UX improves the design and usability of your site. On the other hand, CRO gets as many visitors as possible to convert to customers. For an optimal user’s journey, you must find a happy medium between these two concepts.

Here, we’ll explore how UX and CRO work together to increase your conversions. 

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Best of the JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

Here is the roundup of popular javascript libraries and frameworks. Feel free to comment, suggest and share your thoughts.


Prototype is a JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.

Featuring a unique, easy-to-use toolkit for class-driven development and the nicest Ajax library around, Prototype is quickly becoming the codebase of choice for web application developers everywhere. Get it Here




The driving force behind Ext JS is Jack Slocum, who is a respected JavaScript developer. The Ext JS project sprouted from a desire to extend functionality offered by the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library.

A key aspect of the YUI Library is the cross-browser support, which you’ll also find in Ext JS. This allows you to build Web applications without worrying about the target browser.

Ext JS boasts excellent performance. The framework is fully object-oriented and extensible. Along with its excellent presentation, Ext JS’ features are ready to use once you download and install it.

Ext JS includes various controls such as a message box, combo box, data grid and toolbars. In addition, layout managers allow you to specify how elements are presented on a page. More features are available for working with forms and windows. Adobe has introduced a new platform, AIR, for deploying HTML/JavaScript applications to the desktop. One of their feature applications is Fresh, an RSS feed reader built with Ext.

Mike Chambers, Senior Product Manager at Adobe says: “Basically, if you want to build Apollo applications using HTML / JavaScript, then this is the library you should start with. Not only does it provide lower level JavaScript functionality, it also provides a complete UI component toolkit, and effect library.”.


Downloads and Samples

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Simple Steps To Land A Job As UX Designer Without Any Prior Experience

Best UX & UI Mobile App Design Practices

Do you even know that an average salary of a professional or senior user experience designer has been hiked up to $87000 per year till 2017? If you check out the top 100 job list from CNN, you will be amazed to see that UX design ranked at 14th, which is a pretty high up number. Even some researches and surveys have indicated that within the next 10 years, around 1000 if not more jobs will be created for the pro and upcoming UX designers, with a hike in the salary budget as well.

So, are you now considering getting a job as a UX designer? Do you hesitate to apply for the UX designer jobs as you don’t have any prior experience? Well, you don’t have to worry any longer as there are some proven steps, which can help you find a job as a UX designer even when you have no experience at all.

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Here Come The New Ideas For Digital Customer Experience Experts

The basic meaning of Customer experience refers to communication between a client and a company while their business is still active. We could say that the importance of Customer experience is on a rising path, maybe even on the top. It is well known that good Customer experience can create a base of loyal customers by providing good assistance. The competition is harsh and there are many candidates for the crown. In order to stay on the top, companies try to follow the trends and always be coordinated with the latest events. Therefore, here are some upcoming trends for this season.

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3 Best UX/UI Practices for Coordinating with Product Development and Product Management Teams

It’s not uncommon for the roles of mobile app designers and product managers to overlap.

In smaller teams, the team member in charge of mobile app design and product development can be the same person.

After all, both have the same business goal – creating an amazing product that best serves the user needs.

In large teams and organizations, however, where it’s impossible to spend so much time of jaw-dropping user interfaces and experiences, having the same person design and manage can create challenges.

A product manager can guide several teams with many mobile app designers.

This automatically means less time for design focus, and more time needed for managing the project cycle, the team communication, the budgeting and the external stakeholders.

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