9 UX Design Trends to Look for in 2019

In today’s world user experience as in UX is probably the most important factor to consider in case of digital consumers. The whole of the digital experience revolves around UX, and it is the central axis of 2019. And there are a few trends which are extremely imposing involving UX they are being utilized to dominate the Digital consumer market.

Here we will be discussing the brand new and most effective UX trends of 2019.

1. Voice Activated Interface

Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Echo, etc, these are voice assistants, and their launch created an uproar in the Digital market causing a remarkable upgrade in the UI UX design services even in 2019. According to deeper research, it has been proven that the Digital Intelligent virtual assistant market of US will grow at a CAGR of approximately 36.7% within 2016-2024.

And as the utilization of voice assistant is increasing the Demand for accuracy is also growing significantly. The beginning of voice assistants began with 90% accuracy in voice commands, and with that, it makes the voice-activated interface a user preference. That is why various high-end companies are putting all of their strength in solving this critical problem. They are working on eradicating the obligation of typing through voice-activated interfaces.

2. Flat Design to Material Design

Flat design is something from the past now in 2019; it is the era of material design. Flat designs do not appeal to users anymore, and that is why the advancement and improvement of material design are exceptionally significant. The rise of material design began in 2014, and then onward User experience design has been on a hike. Material design is a proficient way of engaging users by utilizing 3D icon, responsive 2D or 3D animation, shading, and light features, transition, and various other methods.

User experience has leveled up from flat design, and Consumers are not satisfied with minimalism anymore. Today’s users are much more inclined towards interactive content and details in textures and patterns. That is why to upgrade user experience and make it better it is necessary to take a user-centric approach by adapting to the modern trends and customizing accordingly.

3. Compelling Content

Compelling content is at the top of the User experience chain right now because UI UX design Services is not anymore about only the design. That is why to capture the attention of consumers, businesses in today’s world require to weave intriguing stories revolving around digital experiences.

And that is why the 2019 user experience designer is inclining their theories towards productive, useful and relevant content. They are aiming to develop the most pertinent user experience associated with the mixture of Technology and content.

It is also necessary to make the design breathable and orderly manner so that both content and design can coexist without getting cluttered.

4. Emphasize on videos

The impact of videos is much more than that of other forms of user attraction as it has many perks. The most vital one being that is universally understandable if made with proper details, and even if a person does not understand the language, still he or she will be able to grasp the meaning behind the video. According to data analysis, resources informed that within 2021 81% of the internet traffic would be brought by videos.

A video message is already the most popular and preferred form to attract the attention of users. It is said to be the most aesthetic way to deliver a message which has been developed around certain content.

Videos are a simple and versatile way to grasp the attention of users by expressing a lot within a limited time.

5. Time-Saving

According to various research done on User experience, it has been proved that on an average basis users are prone to leaving a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

People are generally extremely busy, and they don’t have much time for slow websites or slow designs, they don’t have enough time to hassle over these small issues they will just flip from one website to another and stop on the one which is the least time-consuming.

That is why lucidity and proficiency are extremely significant for the increment of User experience in 2019. Minimum loading time for web pages and applications should never be exaggerated, and the main aim of time and effort should never be slaked off.

To improve user experience and loading time for websites and web pages, the developers can use uncluttered material design, clear visibility, small animation and differentiable designs etc.

6. Navigation

In case of any digital design, a proper navigation system is essential. A cluttered web page, commercial website or sales web page should be properly designed so that users can navigate through them without any kind of obstacles. This significant system has to be thoroughly designed to upgrade the User experience on any digital page. Users generally tend to leave a page if they can’t find what they want to.

That is why to improve User experience digital designers can utilize breadcrumbs and properly with step by step method designate every place throughout the website. So that, the users do not have to work too hard to find their required destinations.

7. Personalized UX

Personalizing and customizing User experience trends to suit the needs of potential groups of users is necessary for today’s market to increase traffic. Molding content and design in favor of the users can increase UX. Understand your target users then only you will be able to develop a customized User experience for them. You also need to observe what they want and what will make them revisit your web page or your website.

8. Responsive design

All kinds of digital designs those of which are involved with UX should be responsive, as in they should respond well in all types of screens desktop, tabs, tablets and especially cellphones. The digital market is preaching the importance of digital designs to be cellphone friendly. The reason is that most of the internet traffic comes from cellphones and if any site or application does not work in mobile phones then they won’t get as much traffic as the responsive designs, and thus their UX will be hampered.

9. Foldable Display

Although Foldable displays are already launched in the market but not yet as affordable. The general population will not be able to acquire that yet, but it is always a brilliant decision to stay (ahead) than suffer later. The improvement of UX in foldable design should be considered from today onward so that later this platform does not have to feel a backlash.

There are other kinds of methods to improve UX, but nothing happens within a day, everything needed time and patience so that at the end it can be executed properly. Eliminating unnecessary blockages in web page and websites that slows them down, cleaning up applications and websites, utilizing one step sign up methods, and using CAPTCHA or verification codes instead of passwords can greatly help in the evolution of UX.

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