Let’s Check Out Some of the Popular WordPress Plug-ins Useful for Web Designing

WordPress is a wonderful platform which facilitates its users with complete support in managing blogs.  Managing of blogs means right from writing to its presentation and later state of updating the content.  Even though web designing can be done independently, WordPress has some inbuilt plug-ins which assist in web designing and makes the process simpler.

Some of the WordPress plug-ins useful for web designing are:

Instant articles on WordPress

Whenever you write a blog, it may take some few steps to post the blog.  But by using this plugin, you can instantly post your blogs.  This plugin helps in circulating the posts or blogs very fast and does the job perfectly on social media network named “Facebook.”  Whenever this plugin is active, you will find that a menu will pop up which will connect you to Facebook directly and whatever you are writing will be published directly.

A lot of time is saved.  But ensure whatever you are writing is meaningful because once a wrong message is passed; it will be very difficult to stop the circumstances occurring.

Max Mega Menu

This WordPress Plugin helps in converting your existing menu into a new mega menu.  Mega Menu is nothing but a bigger menu with more options and facilities. You can add any WordPress widget of your choice to your menu and design your website.  Being user-friendly, these can be incorporated by anyone.

WordPress Portfolio/Picture Gallery

If you wish users to see the collection of all your Photos and Projects, you need a good gallery. Gallery refers to the collection of photos or images.  Even the gallery of videos can be maintained. It depends on what you want to show your users. But you need to keep adding new content of images or videos to retain the interest of your users. This plugin is an inbuilt gallery which consists of the pretty Photo lightbox.

You need to add all your data into the gallery.  One feature that makes it popular is that it can be used on the desktop, laptop or smart android phones.

There are many other plug-ins, but it depends on what type of web design you are planning.  Creativity has no boundaries.  But that does not mean you do something nonsense and plainly says “it is creativity.”  Web design is a vital tool in the production and maintenance of websites.

It involves web graphic design; interface design; user experience design; writing of standardized code and proprietary software; and search engine optimization.  Normally, designing a web is not so complicated if it is done very calculatedly.  I don’t say that by following the mentioned steps below, you will be able to do perfect web designing, but discipline can be maintained.

This eliminates unnecessary time, energy and wastage of sources and may help you to organize things in a better way to complete the task perfectly.  The steps may be repetitive in all your projects, but with a slight change as per project requirements.

The Web designing process is as follows:


The prime and most crucial stage of any type of project is “Planning.”  Planning is a stage which decides what is required, what has to be done, how it has to be done, what sort of resources are required to complete the task, what are the available resources, what is the time required to complete the project, what is the human resource required – whether one person can do it or need a team of members etc.  In this stage, the web designer has to collect all the information required, and the theme of the website has to be decided.

Have you checked out WordPress Visual Editor? It’s robust editor empowers professionals to edit and style WordPress websites visually, eliminating all the guesswork involved in writing code.

Your content may change, but the theme will have to remain unaffected.  Only then it will create a good image in the minds of users that such and such website deals with the particular type of information.

Then planning regarding “what is the content to be presented on the screen,” “how it is to be presented,” “how it has to link” has to do. Even the cost incurred on web designing has to be calculated.

This is very important in case you are opting for professional services. When you have decided to opt for professional services, please check all the service providers and based on the review achieved by the service providers select a suitable one. We at Big Drop https://www.bigdropinc.com always ensure that our client is given the best service. Our talented team has given many successful web designs and has helped many clients in earning better revenue.


In this stage, the whole task has to be first designed on a sheet of paper.  In other words, mapping of work has to be done. Doing a project, it involves a lot of stress and thinking.  There are chances of missing some items during the process of web designing.  So if the mapping of work is done on paper, it will be very easy to correct yourself in case you miss the track.


In the stage of planning, only paperwork is involved.  But here in this stage, the resources received have to be linked and a perfect design has to be created.  To some extent, even this stage also consists of paperwork.  Doing paperwork first would eliminate wastage of resources.


In this stage, whatever has been planned and designed will be implemented.  Only after this stage, the actual output can be received.  Required content has to be prepared and categorized accordingly. Proper formatting of the content is necessary.  Now, these have to be linked to the menus designed.  After linking, all the links have to be tested and verified that whatever has been done is functioning or not. If you give the complete work to your client without testing and a problem arises, it will be a breach of contract and the client may sue in court for giving him a wrong and incomplete web design.


Any sort of reviews or comments is received only after the implementation stage.  These have to be handled with a positive mind.  All suggestions have to be accepted without any comment.  A required action has to be taken in time to avoid unnecessary tensions.

For more details about WordPress plug-ins that can help you with website designing, you can check out the blogs written by experts.

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