7 Tips to Ensure Your Content Reflects Your Brand’s Voice

Did you know that as per the global organization Statista, companies both big and small will have spent nearly 560 billion US Dollars in 2019 alone for branding and marketing? Having said that, it is clear to establish that often we hear the two terms branding and marketing together, however, seldom do we understand that though these two terms sound similar, they are in fact quite different.  While marketing is a medium through which you communicate your products and make sure it reaches the masses, Branding is the very core and essence through which you get the millions of customers to identify and remember your brand. 

In all sense and meaning it is your products that get you the extra mileage, however, even before you start marketing your products and services, you as an organization work on a brand that will best communicate your companies ideals, mission, and overall vision on the whole. Your brand is what gets communicated through your very own logo, and in the entire marketing agenda, if at all your logo goes amiss, the entire purpose of your branding becomes zero. 

 “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.”

Lisa Gansky

Imagine coming up with a dozen creatives and marketing gimmicks. At the end of the day more than all those the one thing that gets your product/service instant recognition is that one logo. This is why it is essential to make sure that before you spend tons of money, you have in place a stellar branding team that can work on your branding. Because, no matter how different or unique your marketing campaigns are, the one thing that unanimously ties it down to you, is your brand voice and the way the rest of the public can associate with it. 

Irrespective of the company size and the product/service you deal in, if you are looking for means of ensuring that all your communication strategies reflect the very core of your brand, then these are some tips that you can keep in mind.

“Branding is what everyone says about you when you are not in the room” – Said by a Co-Founder of a startup – MyAssignmentAssistance

Work on your company’s mission statement

even before all the haggling starts on what to sell and how to promote it, comes the part when as a business owner you need to think about your brand and company goals. 

This is of the utmost importance because, in the long run, all your customers will remember you based on how your company started and what you aimed to achieve out of it all. Time and again it will be a good tip to go back to the basics and rework your company’s mission statement. 

As the times change, it is important to rework your mission statement so that it echoes what you are doing as well. This is the first step that you need to focus on.

Review all current content and ongoing campaigns

it is natural that you may have a lot of existing campaigns that may be ongoing to promote your brand and services on the various social media platforms. Since it is very essential to make sure that all your marketing campaigns reflect the very essence of your brand campaign and its voice, it will be a good suggestion to go through all the current content that is going out. 

Go back to the drawing board and see if all the content being relayed on the social media channels are in sync with your core branding strategy. If at all the content being circulated is different from the voice of your brand, it is crucial that you have them called back and start working on a campaign that is synonymous with your brand voice.

Get live Audience Assistance

It will not be an incorrect notion to understand that at the end of the day all your work is nothing if it doesn’t appeal to your audiences. This is why one essential tip of making sure that all your marketing work resonates with your core brand voice is to ask the public and your very own customers. 

Get them to fill out an online survey that asks them vital questions such as how would they describe our brand, and also things such as if our brand was a person how would they describe it. This is a good thing to do because at the end of the day what matters is how your very audience resembles and remembers your brand just like GoDissertationHelp, do with their students as their audiences are students.

 Get an Insight to your customers 

It is imperative to understand that with all the marketing and branding work that goes on the one thing that remains the same is the emotional level with which a customer can connect. Along with all the surveys that you dom it will be good if you can analyze and find out who your top 5 customers are. 

Once you have a list for the same, dig a little deeper and find out what interests them. This will help you understand the very nerve that gets ticked for them and what appeals to them more, and as a business owner, you can probably try incorporating the same mood in your branding campaign as well. 

Know your customers well so that your brand can connect with them better.

Retrospect, Retrospect, and Repeat

Often in the number game of profits and success, the one thing that happens is that the brand voice takes a back seat. It is natural that this happens, however, it is essential that you get back on track. 

No one knows what your company means to you than you yourself, which is why when the value of your core brand voice starts diminishing it will be a good thing to retrospect and ask yourself what your company is and what it is not. 

Doing this a few times will help you connect with the feeling that you get from your brand, and soon the same will echo through all your branding and marketing campaigns as well.

Work on your Brand Voice Grid

There is a saying that goes like if you are not sure why you want to sell your brand, why would anyone buy it? True to this very question, comes the fact that it is essential to keep in check how you feel about your brand and a simple way of doing so is to chart it out. 

Ask yourself the question as to which are the four adjectives that you can use to describe your brand and once you have the answer to that, begin to work on a grid of exactly how each of those feelings and adjectives resonates with your core business. This will help you add a fresh lease of life to each of your branding and marketing campaigns.

Bring your team on the same page

When it is a company, there are bound to be new team members joining the team. At all times it is essential that each new team member is given a walk through the entire brand voice module so that when they start working on any campaign they are in sync with the very core brand principles and mission. Once your entire team is on the same page, it will be easier to make sure that all campaigns going out are totally echoing the brand voice that you choose to side with. 

These are the seven tips that you need to ensure are carried out so that your content that goes out in every marketing plan echoes and reflects your brand’s voice. 

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