e-Commerce Trends that will Shape Online Shopping in the Future

The e-commerce industry has to change as well or rather evolve over time in order to match the pace with the ever-changing habits of online shoppers. This change regarding the key e-commerce technology trends that will have great impacts on online shopping is something we have always been looking forward to at the end of each year.

However, where some existing trends will continue to maintain their stronghold in 2019 as well with technologies continue impacting the online retail market, newer consumer demands and the persistent shift toward mobile devices, there are some add-on trends as well in this list to make next year a happening one. Let’s find out what you should be looking forward to.

#1. Simplicity over Complexity

As more and more retailers nowadays are realizing the fact that their website is not about serving themselves but their customers in general, is what making them invest more and more in quality content over flashy technologies despite how fun and exciting these flashy techs might seem.

#2. Artificial Intelligence

AI is something that has revolutionized almost every sector that came in its contact, why the e-commerce industry be any different? AI has significantly transformed the face of the online retail industry and much more is expected in the nearby future as well. One such example is the concept of image search (buyers making a search on the basis of images) which is just one of the many courtesies of Artificial Intelligence.

#3. Sophisticated Delivery Options

We saw a significant increase in the number of on-demand deliveries this year which is expected to grow even more in the upcoming future. This has been made possible with the help of partnerships with several leveraging physical stores and emerging delivery startups that work as distribution centres for these online retail stores and facilitate delivery in a matter of hours. Also, this courier service will be perfect for your online store as they provide fast and high-quality delivery 24/7.

#4. Product Customization

As one of the leading e-commerce technology trends, product customization is something that will rock the future years offering not just truly personalized offerings but remarketing ads and above all customization of recommended items. And it seems reasonable as well since customizing products simply eliminates the hassles of shopping. Moreover, it makes the products easier for customers to use beside meeting the demanding needs of modern clients.

#5. Storefront Applications

Mobile apps are nothing new but the recent progress in the developments of these apps will make them a sort of shopper’s personal micro-store offering not only individualized and personalized online exclusive products and promotions but recommendations, loyalty schemes, advertising as well. This is also the primary reason behind shifting of a significant number of people from purchasing through websites to purchasing through mobile apps.

#6. Community-led brands

Now, community-led brands is an entirely new concept where the companies involved sell only a few but very well-made products to its customers. They also form communities on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc. providing a platform for its customers to discuss the quality of their products. Some even arrange actual meeting places for them where the customers are invited not only to talk but test the new products as well.

#7. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is another game changer that is currently in its trial phase although a few e-commerce giants such as Alibaba, Amazon etc. are known to have started experimenting with blockchain where Alibaba is using it to track the origin of certain food-related products, Amazon has recently registered 3 cryptocurrency web domains. Cryptocurrency, once fully implemented, has the potential to revolutionize the entire e-commerce industry on its own.

#8. Voice Search

With more voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant becoming common these days, the voice will gain more prominence in the upcoming years. Not only are people (especially millennials) use voice search while making an online purchase but the sale of voice-activated devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo have also skyrocketed this year. Make sure to optimize your online store for the voice search.

#9. AR and VR

Though Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has completely transformed our gaming world, its far-reaching potential doesn’t just end here. In the upcoming years, we will not only see both these technologies becoming an inseparable part of the in-store experience but also an integral part of the packaging experience where QR codes will help trigger the much more refined and enhanced experiences of the products.

#10. Social Media Shopping

Social Media shopping is another trend that is going to bring waves in the years to come. We have already seen the example of two highly visual platforms Instagram and Pinterest who allow the retailers the ability to bring their products to the customers without the customers even realizing it. This clever technique allows showcasing the products on popular social media apps that customers love, thus creating a buying scenario which is hard to ignore.

#11. Animation

Last but never the least comes animation. Though its still making an impact on the e-commerce trade but in the future, it is simply going to be huge. It’s about time e-commerce should learn something from the gaming industry. Just like motion attracts players in games and tells them to do things, similarly, using subtle animation which will be a prerequisite to induce motion can make the e-commerce experience that much alive for its customers.


No one can really be sure what the future of e-commerce holds for us except one thing, whatever it is will definitely change our lives for the better. The list mentioned above is just a vague attempt based on our research to bring out some of the trends that seem most promising in the near future.

But however trendy they might seem, just remember, the key to your long-term success will always be defined by your ability to build personal relationships with your customers and your brand.

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