Changing the Course of Future Web Development with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2018

The world of website design is dramatically transforming. More robust platforms have now emerged giving the rise to personalization and enhancing user-experience for audiences worldwide.

What once used to be coded by a team of technical specialists can now be done with just a few random clicks performed by any business entrepreneur.

Technological evolution was once a by-product of dependency. It depended on us, the humans.

However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it has moved from the stratosphere of dependency and has become partially independent.

From medical science to engineering, the application of artificial intelligence is giving birth to pioneering technologies with a brighter future ahead.

It has laid foundations in the world of marketing, preferably digital marketing and fortunately, it has found its way into the beautiful world of website design.

Our research indicates that the future of web design trends revolves around two things:

While AI is known for its ability to enhance efficiency and improve the overall functionality of the website, will it be able to assist in solving personalization and user experience issues which most web designers of the modern era face?

Let’s find out.

AI Can Become Your Personal Virtual Assistant

One of the great benefits of having Artificial Intelligence technology is that it becomes your personal virtual assistant. Are you facing a technical issue or are you simply lost on what’s the next step? While navigating a website that supports an automated chat bot can readily help and make life much easier for you. But, chatbots are one among many implementations how AI is opting in to create better user-experience online.

There are multiple other examples such as Google’s RankBrain which readily places the website on top of the search engines based on attributes. There are Siri and Cortana, the virtual human assistants that readily perform an action based on inquiries via voice. With the Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa anything, from playing music to set an alarm. AI has now become a part of our lives, it has become more of our personal assistant.

Web Development and the Future

Don’t you just wish you can sit back and relax sipping up your favorite version of Pina Colada at a remote island on Hawaii and enjoy the beautiful sunset! All you ever have to do is make a few clicks and voila! Your website is all prepped up and ready to make sales for you. That’s exactly what the AI has to offer you in the world of web design.

Don’t just take my word for it, let me explain to you how’s that possible.

Introducing Smart Platforms to Create Powerful Website in Minutes

The digital world offers multiple benefits, but one that readily marks the spot is the introduction of smart powerful platforms such as Wix, The Grid, Adobe Sensei, FireDrop and more.

These easy-to-build websites are powerful platforms which take the hassles of hours long coding away from your fingertips. To be more precise, with a readily fast performing platform such as Wix or Shopify, creating a website literally becomes a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is create a logo for your website and update it on the platform. The rest of it is all managed, all you have to do is place in your preferences and the platform will automatically design the complete digital experience for you.

Although the systems are intelligent to design some of the perfect online experiences, they yet fail to meet user expectations to the fullest.

Introducing the Voice Recognition Feature Built into Your Website

It won’t be long until the website development world is going to address the voice search feature as a part of their web platform. With the dramatic rise and growth of the voice-based search feature, future AI technologies will enable easy voice communication between the user and the platform.

One of the most practical implementations of such voice conversation features will be observed in e-commerce platforms.

It will transform the home-shopping experience for users where an automated assistant will search the right product for them from an inventory and manage everything, from transacting payments until the purchased product is delivered to the user’s doorstep.

According to some professional website design agencies, It will be a more trustworthy approach towards delivering quality service to customers.

Enrich Business with Better Automated Responses

As discussed earlier, chatbots have found their way into the web design world to provide more personalization and better user-experience to its users. But, what can make them even better? Better automated responses based on predictive analysis.

Imagine a machine responding back to your query with a reply based on previous customer reactions? Will it not be more authentic and life-like as compared to automated mechanical responses which reach to your inbox without human emotions.

AI enriched websites will make sure that they communicate with their audiences by adding the right emotional gestures at the right time. It will not only keep the audience interactively engaged with the platform but will provide the liberty to users so they can ask just about anything that concerns them about the website.

In return, they will get a more logically approving and smart answer than any other communication expert sitting behind a desk can deliver.

AI Will Automate the Future Code Reviewing Process

Now this one is a win-win for most coders working to create amazing website experiences for the audiences worldwide! We all want to create innovative strategies and implement it in our daily practices, but if they aren’t perfectly implemented or have minor glitches, do you think they will be as widely accepted as you are perceiving them to be?

Not really.

However, with concepts of ML and AI assistance circulating the market, there is a high chance you will ever have to worry about these discrepancies. Automated code review will be a process where an AI-powered bot is going to comment on unusual code blocks and identify potential vulnerabilities within a created code, the moment it is pushed into a repository.

In some cases, if privileges are provided, they may even correct those issues and prompt the user to submit it again for a code review.

As much as they are going to perform the review process, they will become more smart and adaptive producing much better results in the future.

AI will Automate Code Integration, Delivery, Deployment, etc.

In the future, the software applications will be designed in such a way that they will be able to deploy and run several test cases on themselves.

They will be powered with smart elements that can detect errors in configuration and in case if a configuration needs certain adjustments, an ML powered assistant will shoot the code back to the repository for review and formatting.

They will be equipped with features to automatically patch updates so the user doesn’t have to face issues in restoring the software.

ML (Machine Learning) assistants will create their own continuous delivery pipelines and smartly designed algorithms will enable them to perform effective configuration management.

In the future, everything will be placed in a more decentralized cloud environment where everything will yet be private for the users, but incredibly public for the bots to perform frictionless processes.

Wrapping it Up

All sounds a bit too exciting, doesn’t it? Don’t you just feel like it’s about time you should delve into all of it yourself and start learning about AI and Machine Learning?

Here are two helpful links that can give you an insight on both from the house of GitHub:

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The future of website design is bright, it all bubbles down to one thing, how much of a contribution are you willing to make?

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