Tasks to Perform for Creating and Marketing Quality Content

Content drives all online marketing initiatives, and E-commerce platforms are no exception. You need quality content to connect closely with the target audience and build relationships and to rank well in search results. By publishing quality content consistently, you demonstrate your domain authority that helps to earn backlinks which leads to better ranks.

High visibility ensured through top rankings drives more traffic to websites thereby increasing leads and conversions that ultimately bring in revenue.  The marketing cycle is thus effectively completed which could never have been possible without quality content.  Therefore, you have to pay critical attention to the process of creating quality content and marketing it.

By publishing creative content that is also informative and entertaining, you can impress the audience and influence their online behavior. Content helps to attract new customers, prevail upon buyers and encourage them to buy more and gives you an advantage in staying ahead of your competitors.

Any online marketing campaign has to focus on content marketing and integrate it with SEO for the best results. It involves performing many tasks that cover the entire gamut of content marketing. The works are varied, and you need dedicated persons to handle different tasks and coordinate the activities to produce a seamless content marketing campaign.

To understand the tasks at hand and how to manage it with the available workforce in your organization you can seek the guidance of SEO companies like Kotton Grammer Media. To make things easy, we have listed the tasks here and the respective roles associated with it to help understand the correlation between various tasks for creating a content management team.

Content Strategist

The Content Strategist is responsible for creating the foundation of content marketing and provides a roadmap for achieving the goals. He or she is the team leader, who outlines what kind of content to publish and in what manner that helps to realize the business goals.

The content strategist has to integrate the goals of content marketing with the larger goals of the business. He/she has to suggest the type of content that could help to achieve your business goal and provide direction about how to achieve the goal. Besides the type of content to publish, the strategist will also decide on the channels to propagate it.

Content Analyst

After producing the content, it is the responsibility of the Content Analyst to decide how to make use of the content in the best way so that it helps to achieve the marketing goals. Which content should appear on which page so that it has the highest impact on the audience and make them take some action is the decision that the content analyst has to take.

For a small organization, the same person can handle the task of content strategist and content analyst, but the roles must be separated if the organization is big.

Project Manager – Content

Proper implementation of the content marketing plan is the responsibility of the content Project Manager who has to ensure that employees execute each tactic of content marketing as per plan.

The Project Manager coordinates with various functionaries and ensures that they complete all tasks on time and perform it in sequence so that they can do the scheduled action correctly.

He or she has to align the different activities and initiate the right action at the right time.

Content Researcher

What kind of content to publish that catches the eye of the audience and resonates with them is determined by undertaking extensive research about what types of content are doing the rounds. The study also has to take into account what the audience is expecting.

The Content researcher is responsible for identifying trends on social media to identify probable questions of the audience, to determine the solutions by using the appropriate content. Curating content is an accepted practice that content researchers follow.

Content Writer

The writer is the person who gives life to content ideas by creating content as per requirement. The writer is responsible for creating the narrative of the content that could tell a story, share information and tips or provide some solutions to problems that the audience is facing.

It could be in the form of a tweet or an Instagram post or even the script for some video content. The writer has to establish the lines of communication by writing proper content.

Content Editor

The content has to be flawless in all respects especially in the information that it carries and the quality of writing and its presentation. There cannot be any grammatical or spelling mistakes, the style has to capture the voice of the business, and there cannot be any brand errors.

The Content editor’s task is to go through the content and check it diligently to identify the mistakes and correct it so that it is free from all kinds of flaws and meets the desired standard that represents superior quality.

Content Creative

Images play a significant role in content creation, and you must have graphic designers, videographers, and photographers to support the people who create content.

The matters related to visual effect are the domain of the Content creative of your team that can make content much more attractive and interactive.  Content with visuals enjoys higher sharing among users.

Content Talent

You might need a presenter for your content in case you plan for videos, lessons, conferences, and podcasts or radio programs. The person you choose for presenting the program or play host is the content talent because he or she is talented and trained to face the camera.

Content Publisher

A content publisher is a person who posts the content as per schedule according to the publishing plan. He or she has to ensure that they upload the right content at the right time.

The person must be well conversant with the software used for publishing content across different media, whether it is text content, videos, images or podcasts.

All the above tasks need sequential execution for an effective content marketing campaign. How you share the workload depends on human resources availability and the organization size.

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