6 Reasons Why Analytical AI Can Supercharge Your Video Marketing Strategy

Distinguishing Between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

As we slowly uncover all that artificial intelligence has to offer across different industries, the various ways in which AI can boost digital marketing efforts becomes more and more apparent.

According to a recent report by Salesforce, 57% of marketing experts stated that it was essential to incorporate AI in marketing for a more personalized customer experience.

So how exactly does artificial intelligence help marketers understand their customers? In a nutshell, the data that is generated when a user browses the internet is gathered for AI analysis. This data reveals valuable information about the user’s interests and behaviors.

Using this, brands and businesses can optimize their online marketing content to make it more relevant for their target audience.

Through the data that AI provides, marketers can deliver a more tailored and targeted digital marketing campaign, which can ultimately result in a much higher ROI for the business.

AI is being used by a growing number of top brands to inform many digital marketing channels, such as PPC, chatbots, email marketing, and online ads.

Video marketing, in particular, can be massively boosted by artificial intelligence. With online video consumption on the rise, read on to find out 6 reasons why AI can effectively amp up your video marketing strategy:

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9 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Small businesses have always been a driving force for revenue stream of the nation. Yet, 50% of it fails to even survive up to five years of its inauguration.

So, why does that happen?

A survey done by clutch suggests that the two prime reasons for business failures are a lack of budget and proper marketing strategies.

I’m not going into the system on why does small businesses lack precision when it comes to marketing and budget.

However, I would like to suggest 9 budget friendly marketing ideas that should give your business a decent kick-off.

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