3 Ways AI Can Free Up Employee Time and Boost Customer Value

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Interaction, creativity, and empathy are just some of the human abilities that makes us uniquely different. It is clear that when it comes to accurate tasks, navigation, and data search, human work is outperformed by AI systems.

Still, every side of this process has a limited range of performance and in terms of customer service, the best solution is to create a symbiotic relationship between AI systems and employers work.

Accordingly, to a recent Forrester study, this “win-win” process of AI integration is beneficial for companies that target a digital development and the results are to be taken into consideration.

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7 Effective Mobile Design Practices To Boost Customer’s Interaction With Brands

7 effective mobile design practices to boost customers interactions with brands

Quality customer interaction with your brand is the most important thing for your business. It brings the customer closer. When we talk about delighting customer, it may sound like the inbound marketing methodologies. Designing may not be a part of inbound marketing, but it has a significant role in enhancing it.

Today, most of the users prefer using mobile for browsing the internet (The stats show over 50% of people now use mobile devices for search queries). What do we learn from it?

The answer is simple. You must plan business website according to mobile devices. It is what we will cover in this post. You will understand how you can design your website for mobile devices. When you outline your business website for mobile, you can boost the customer’s interaction with your brand.

So, without further ado, let’s get you started,

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