How Do You Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

Digital and social media marketing is becoming a buzz. Most internet marketers prefer the social media marketing given its ability to reach target customers more conveniently.

The developments in social media strategies such as sending of direct messages to potential customers have made it easy for modern marketers to reach a wide market base, unlike the traditional marketers.

Building a wide fan base on a social media platform such as Facebook can help a company to build personal relationships with the customers and get immediate feedback from the clients.

However, most of us still lack the necessary skills to market their product and services on the social media. The following are some tips you can use to promote your business on various social platforms.

1. Select the right platforms to market your products

The number of social media platforms grows every day. It is important that one choose the right platform to market their products and services. In doing this, it is vital that you establish your target customers are and the nature of your business.

To examine which platforms your customers, use, carry out extensive research. Attempt to register on such platforms. Ensure the platforms you register on are designed to promote your brand. For instance, YouTube is an ideal platform for a video company.

2. Create a calendar

The quality of all your social media posts should show how professional your business looks. This means that they should be designed early to avoid the last-minute rush. To come up with effective posts, it is important that you create a social media content calendar. This will help you avoid mistakes such as lull or repeated posts.

3. Be social

Being more interactive on the social media can help you increase the number of individuals following your posts. Of course, social media is all about being social. I recommend that you encourage engagement to take advantage of the social capability of the platform.

Research more on what your target audience likes. Post, repost and ask questions on the different posts to get some feedback from the audience. Also, you can comment or like other users’ posts and comments on your products. Being social with your customers make them feel appreciated.

4. Avoid regular advertising

Over-promoting your products and services makes you bore on the social media. Create content that your audience is interested in reading; you do not have to market yourself in every single post you come up with. The one-in-seven-rule can help you determine when to be promotional and when to be content-based.

In the one-to-seven rule, you can post one directly promotional post in every seven posts you make. The other six posts should be content based only. You can comment on your previous posts, or ask a question, and share articles.

5. Video sharing

Visual media makes the social media more interactive. Apart from conveying your personality and passion to the customers, video content is ideal tools for grabbing people’s attention. People can easily engage with the video content as they scroll down the social feeds.

A typical video content post allows you to say more and save on space. To get the best reaction from your audience, you can come up with engaging, interesting, and narrative-driven video.

6. Quick response to problems

In most cases, you receive positive feedback on all your social media posts, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you may receive negative feedback about your company from the audience. To catch issues before they escalate, you should carefully monitor mentions of your brand on the social media platform.

You can respond to negative feedback from the audience by apologizing to the target audience if necessary. Direct message to customers on the social media can be used to respond to negative feedback from the clients. When responding to posts from individual customers, you can use direct messages to stop other users from viewing the of your post.

7. Building a community

Finding customers who are fully engaged, loyal, and interested in your brand is better than having many followers. Loyal followers are likely to become your potential customers. Also, you can get immediate feedback from your followers on the nature of your product or service.

It is easy to promote your brand more effectively by building your community. Members of your social media community will socialize and provide you with immediate feedback on your brand. Also, consider reaching out to some influential users within the social media community and persuade them to mention your brand in some of their posts.

8. Providing value

Providing value to your followers is the most important thing you can do to promote your brand on the social media. Always look forward to coming up with informative content for your posts. The right customers are attracted to your business when they find your posts more relevant to their needs. Your posts should be entertaining, comical, or informative in every aspect, to ensure you maintain your audience.


A successful social media campaign starts when you socialize effectively with your audience. Some of the tips given in this article can only be productive once you adopt them based on the nature of your brand.

Growing a wide customer base, through digital marketing, starts with building a reliable social community and striving to convert them to your potential customers through various strategies. Social media is a digital marketing channel that can be productive if utilized effectively.

Author Bio: Richard Dean is a Director at Caffeinated, one of the fastest growing link building and content creation agencies. He started and invested in a number of data and digital startups since 2008, but found his real passion for SEO.

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