10 Sure Shot Steps to Increase DA of Your Blog or Website

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the rating that shows the probability of how well a website is ranking on the SEO. Domain Authority tells about the credibility of a website amongst other websites. The score of Domain Authority ranges from 1-100. The more the score, the higher will be its ability to rank in the Search Engine.

SEO Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority are the two types of Authorities in the SEO World. Domain authority measures the performance of the entire website and page authority deals with that of particular pages. Both these situations end up with a score developed by MOZ, through which you can predict the position of your page in the SEO.

MOZ: Authority in Search Engineering

Digital tools are created by the company named MOZ, for search engineering. You just need to go to that specified page; type the URL and easily access the information you are looking for. MOZ believes in marketing in a better way – a more valued, less hostile system where customers are earned instead of bought.

How to increase your Domain Authority


The first advice that I would make is philosophical in nature but is important to understand when you begin with a goal. You should keep in mind that things take time. You can’t gain authority overnight, it takes times to socialize and popularize. It is not easy to start blogging; some efforts and hard work are needed to improve domain authority.

Creating links

The best way to enhance the DA is to build links. Creating quality link will help your domain rank higher on SERP. Doing guest posts and creating infographics can be helpful in getting quality backlinks.

You should work on link strategies:

  • External links: You should place links to other sites with a higher score and at the same time, the other sites place links to your domain.
  • Internal links: The links that are placed in your content and leads other posts with the same domain.
  • Maintenance of links: Regularly check the links in the Google Search Console, because if a low authority site places a link to your site, points can be diminished.

Publishing quality content

Another point that needs to be kept in mind is that the content should be of good quality. You should try not to repeat the words in your article. When you are writing a text, make sure that proofreading has been done and there are no grammatical or punctuation errors. The spelling should also be taken care of.

For these, you can use some free online tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor. You can also get an expert to review or proofread your document by availing Essay Editing Service. The length of writing should not be the only criteria, but relevancy and uniqueness should be the strategy.

Content is the actual king, that contributes to increasing the number of visitors. By using images, videos etc., you can make your content more alluring and thought-provoking.

Make a note of some points while writing a text;

  • Make good use of synonyms instead of repeating the words
  • Do not write irrelevant information which does not go with your subject

Digital marketing

Once you are done with the writing of content, now, comes the question of whom to share with, where to post, how to increase the visitors. You need to define your target audience. When you know the kind of people you need to share the content with, search for ways to motivate them to share the content as much as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

The posts that you upload on your website should be SEO friendly. Related images should also be added with the post. The title, meta description and site’s description can benefit you to make your website SEO friendly. Make use of keywords in your post. Also, keep in mind not to overuse the keywords as this may reduce the SEO score of your site.

Stay active on social media

In order to increase the DA of your website, you should be active on social media as well.  You should organize campaigns and take every possible step to popularize your website. Get connected with people working on the same subject, share all your posts on your active accounts. Therefore, there are high chances of people checking your blogs.

Delete unwanted links

While writing new posts on the websites, you might have added links to the older content, which can be harmful to the website. There are chances that those links are not active now. So, it is important to check your older links repeatedly, in order to keep your website updated. Also, don’t forget to delete the unwanted links from the site. Google disavow tool can be used for this purpose.

Publish posts consistently

Publishing an attractive post once in a month will not benefit in increasing the DA, but for that, you need to post more often to boost up your website’s SEO rank. This will automatically improve the Domain Authority of your website.

Speed up your website

Speed is another factor that is responsible for increasing the Domain Authority. The loading speed of your website should be high. If too much time is taken for your site to load, Cloudflare can be used for a speedy website.


An unresponsive site will surely affect the domain authority in a negative way. A mobile-friendly website has more chances to increase its authority. Try to make your website more approachable and active. Reach the public within fewer time intervals.

Author Bio: William Lucas is an IT professional and has been working for Australian Assignment Help for more than a decade. He is a technology enthusiast who reads and writes every day on emerging technologies and their implications for various sectors such as education, communication, business etc.

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