Simple Steps To Land A Job As UX Designer Without Any Prior Experience

Do you even know that an average salary of a professional or senior user experience designer has been hiked up to $87000 per year till 2017? If you check out the top 100 job list from CNN, you will be amazed to see that UX design ranked at 14th, which is a pretty high up number. Even some researches and surveys have indicated that within the next 10 years, around 1000 if not more jobs will be created for the pro and upcoming UX designers, with a hike in the salary budget as well.

So, are you now considering getting a job as a UX designer? Do you hesitate to apply for the UX designer jobs as you don’t have any prior experience? Well, you don’t have to worry any longer as there are some proven steps, which can help you find a job as a UX designer even when you have no experience at all.

Things to do before following the steps:

If you haven’t made up your mind to be a UX designer, then the process will look to be way too strenuous and tough for sure. So, if you have given it up halfway, then before you plan to follow the major steps to be a UX designer, you have to ask yourself some important questions. It will help you to know whether you are mentally and physically prepared to hold this job.

  • How much are you aware of the world of UX design or UX designer?
  • Which line of business or field are you planning to follow in the upcoming future?
  • Why do you actually want to become a UX designer in the first place?
  • How much are you planning to get paid as UX designer in the future?

No matter whatever the actual answers might be to these questions in details, you have to take those seriously and let those answers guide you to make practical learning and the job searching plan.

Get a job without designing experience:

After knowing the real feelings you have for UX design and making up mind, you have to follow some steps to be a UX designer without even any experience from your side. There are some simple steps available for you in this regard.

You have to keep learning and improving UX design skills:

Whether you are a newcomer knowing nothing about this field of UX design or just UX designer with no experience, the real UX skills and abilities will matter quite a bit if you are trying to find a job as UX designer. So, before you actually start to apply for the UX designing vacancies and posts online, you have to keep improving your designing skills through learning. Some common ways are there for you.

  • You have to read UX designing books and some articles. It is quite useful and practical for the sake of broadening up knowledge in UX design and improving the design skills. So you can try going for the libraries and choosing some of the must-read UX articles and books.
  • You can even take help of the online course websites, which are designed to learn UX designs. It is not that traditional approach to gain some more information, but better than that to some extent. There are so many sites available which are not just offering courses online but allowing you to download some UX materials after subscribing to the channels.
  • Other than online courses, you can try joining an offline course for the UX design. It is also a great way to gain some knowledge in a systematic manner. On the other hand, if the teacher is a UX design pro, it will be really nice to learn some of the user experiences and skills practice, which you won’t get theoretically.

You have to master at least one prototype tool for the UX design:

Which kind of prototyping tool do you plan to use for translating ideas into interactive and visual ones? There are so many prototyping tools used by UX designers and those will help you to not just verify useful principles and theories, but can further help you in improving and practicing UX design skills. So, learning at least one of those prototyping tools will definitely add that spark in your resume.

  • If you cannot get your hands on any prototyping tool for the UX design, then you are always invited to visit Mockplus for a change. It is an easy, fast and even a complete prototyping tool for offering designers some useful functions.
  • It helps in allowing you to preview, create, public, cloud sync and even share projects in an easy manner through just one click.
  • You get the opportunity to just drag and drop linking point for creating interactions. It is also stated as a powerful component and even icon library which comes with more than 200 components and even 3000 icons.
  • This tool helps in supporting 8 different ways for the designers to preview and then share projects with mobiles or computers.
  • You can use this tool as it offers team collaboration, which will allow various designers to complete the same project by editing and all, at the same time.

Whether you are just a beginner in this field of UX design or an expert, it is always a good idea to have such a nice tool handy for building beautiful interactive forms of prototypes. You can work on that with utmost efficiency and easiness.

Be sure of your portfolio site:

Once you are through with the steps mentioned above, the last one is to show actual UX design skills and abilities through your very own online portfolio site. It will play a pivotal role whenever you are trying to attract the attention of interviewers. You can create your portfolio site online through some of the significant steps, and it has to be the next point to cover after mastering a prototype tool, if not more. Bagging a great UX designing job is now a piece of cake for all.

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