Future of Augmented Reality in Mobile App Development

Technology has bridged the gap between the digital world and the real world. And this technology is none other than Augmented Reality. Augmented reality is not new; the concept was already there several years ago. But the term was not named. And now it has become popular so much so that virtual reality apps built using this technology like Pokémon Go is taking the world by storm.

Several apps are built using this technology. For example, Lens kart gives an opportunity to its users to review the products via augmented reality. It gives a virtual feeling of wearing the lenses.

Furniture outlets like IKEA are using this technology to allow people to place virtual furniture at their place. Social media platforms like Snapchat is also taking leverage of augmented reality for superimposing graphics and images on its users face adding a unique touch to the app.

We have so far discussed the role of augmented reality in the entertainment category. But there are several other categorical applications of this technology. Let’s talk about them.   

Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has a lot of potential in the future. Let’s see how it is beneficial to different sectors:


Augmented Reality can make a lot of difference in the way the healthcare department is working today. It can not only help in diagnosing the diseases but can also assist in operations as it provides a lot of information beneficial to doctors.


The education department has started taking advantage of augmented reality. It makes learning subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology; easy and interesting through animations and virtual assistance. This opens a whole new scope of innovation from both the side; teachers as well as students.


Augmented reality provides a convenience to the tourists through information-rich applications. It serves as a local guide to the place by giving details on each and every geolocation. This technology has the potential to create wonders in this field.


When augmented reality meets marketing; professionals need not worry about selling the products. The product sells itself using augmented reality support. The customers get an alluring 360-degree view of any product they intend to buy. Will it not attract more customers?

Obviously, it will.

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Tools:

Mobile apps built for augmented reality needs some good software tools. Below is a list of such software tools:


Metaio is a popular software used for augmented mobile app development that comes with supporting tools. It is specifically made for the printing and automobile industry. Automobile giants like Audi and Mitsubishi are using apps built using this software.


Layar is software popular among marketing and education apps. Companies like Reebok are using it to develop apps based on augmented reality.


Vuforia comes with the support of full AR app development. Powered by Qualcomm, this software can be used to develop apps on both the platforms Android and iOS.

Total Immersion:

It is software specifically used to develop apps in the furniture category. With the help of Total Immersion, a furniture outlet can develop apps that display virtual furniture pieces and helps in increasing sales of the company.

ARTool Kit:

A major advantage of AR Tool Kit is that it provides few features for free. It is brilliant for developing AR mobile apps; however, some of the advanced features need purchase.

Augmented Reality for Mobile Games

Mobile apps are a great way to attract more and more customers to a business. With augmented reality support, this can be accelerated to a much higher value. However, mobile games integrated with augmented reality can attract users to a far volume compared to traditional apps. The future of mobile games is here and it is through augmented reality support. Tools used for this include:

Unity 3D:

It is a game app development tool for developing games in 2D and 3D categories.


Another feature-rich tool used for developing games is ARPA. It is a powerful tool for building AR apps. It makes game development easier than ever.


The future of mobile app development is here and it is the integration of augmented reality making app development innovative like never before. However, there is a concern while developing apps using augmented reality that needs attention. Apps built on augmented reality must be easy to use and simple to operate. If users find it difficult to operate your apps, it will serve no good purpose in the long run.

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