Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks for 2018

Social media is one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools that never stops improving itself and increasing its audience.

If you are willing to reach your business goals, target new customers and boost your brand awareness, your marketing strategy has to follow social media updates and improvements.

New techniques and trends will help you stay competitive, catch the attention of the consumers, and attract more traffic to your website in 2018.

As innovative digital technologies appear, make sure the promoting strategy of your company is on top of all necessary tools adapted to your business to generate leads and grow the revenue.

Here are some social media marketing tips and tricks to come up with winning tactics for the year 2018.

Focus on Personalization

Being a crowded place, social media gives a great challenge to marketers to get noticed by the followers and increase their quantity.

Personalization enables you to find targeted clients and track their buying preferences based on their search results. You need to analyze your audience and target the right one.

In addition, you need to trace their interest and behaviors. Post the content on the platform aimed at your high potential fans.

Preference to visual marketing

Visual marketing will remain a key technique on brand promotion. Media marketers will target their potential customers with a help of powerful video-based content.

The majority of people prefer buying a product or service after watching a short video about it. Many users love interesting videos instead of reading a blog.

Make sure you share attractive videos on YouTube or other platforms about new products.

In 2018 live videos will be in preference as they can engage with your followers very well.

New social media trends will be based on “live” stories, sessions, forecasts, polls, and updates.

You can use live video to share behind-the-scenes events, arrange an exclusive discount for those users who watch your live videos. Illustrate your brand with a help of high-quality live video.

Fascinate your clients with impressing graphics.

Diversify your social channels

While most businesses are on top of the big social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, social media marketing strategies for more niche social media channels can sometimes be non existent. Networks such as Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr and more have huge audiences and specific demographics that businesses can leverage to amplify their messaging and reach new audiences.

Pinterest for examples is a great network for businesses, specifically though who are targeting educated women across generations. The network is comprised of 83% women, with those between the ages of 18-34 using it at least once in the previous month. There are millions of business using Pinterest today to leverage their unique user base.

This is just one example of a network that is underused by businesses, but clearly shows the positive impact niche social networks can have for marketers.

Attention to content

Content marketing remains in priority as it is an online face of your company.

It doesn’t matter whether your company sells various products or provides essay writing help, translating services or other kinds of assistance, raise awareness among your customers with a help of authentic, non-plagiarized, updated and relevant content.

All images, titles, and links should be fresh and intriguing for your readers.

SEO is not becoming old-fashioned. Writing qualitative content will help you achieve better SEO results. Most people look for a particular product or service on the web using a search engine.

If you are top positioned for keywords, you have a better chance to attract the customers’ attention and trust for your business.

Your marketing strategy is a tactic that determines your approach to achieve your business goals. Without powerful tools, the time and effort you’re putting into your strategy may turn out to be a waste.

To sum it up, your social media marketing strategy should be focused on the following trends:

  • Instagram stories. With its monthly increasing audience and popularity, this feature requires minimal effort to create but the opportunities are endless.
  • Express your ideas with 280 characters on Twitter. While retaining the brevity, the platform allows you to be more open and engaging with your customers.
  • Combine your e-commerce with social media sites. You can integrate your store with your social account and sell from the account.
  • You cannot miss working with influencers as it will increase your traffic, brand recognition, and sale figures.
  • Post articles directly on your social network platform with links back to the website.
  • Adjust the content of your website and social media platforms to be “voice friendly”. It will allow the content to be shown as an answer to questions asked by the users using voice search.
  • Use Facebook to display your advertising offers to the right audience only.
  • Involve visual content as much as you can. With its ability to introduce information in a quick and colorful manner, visual content will get more “like”, “share”, “comment”, or “retweet” in comparison with textual content. You can present your content in the form of images, videos, info graphs, screenshots, and presentations.
  • Engage your fans to take part in a photo contest or vote contest. It is an exceptional possibility to promote your brand and award those who follow you. If you have a special offer, include discounts for your followers.

Start now with your marketing tools that will result in success to achieve your ambitions and attract your target market.

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