Rank Your Content: Best Ways You Need To Know


Want to own a flourishing business? In the 21st century, your best bet is to have strong content on the internet that propels clients and even sponsors to have your brand on their radar perpetually.

As a young entrepreneur, I knew this- rather, I thought I knew this.

Instead of digging through the basics and understanding the whole concept of building a brand on the net, I jumped to creating a website from scratch, thinking I’d learn as I moved on, how to rank my content as part of the top tier content on the web. Guess what happened? It collapsed! I didn’t understand what content ranking meant, and I paid dearly for it.        

What is Content Ranking?

Whenever a search relating to your website content is made, your website’s position on the search engine’s result page is referred to like your website content ranking. Unfortunately, your content doesn’t automatically jump to the top spot in the result pages by randomization, you’ve got to take strategic steps in the right direction; one of which is proper utilization of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).    

The process of increasing your website traffic by increasing its visibility to the users of a search engine is known as SEO. However, it requires you putting in some amount of useful work and taking more definite actions. Every website owner would then ask: how do I increase my content ranking? Here is how:

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Publish Relevant Content

Search engines are created to provide information (case in point: loads of people, every minute, are typing in one question or another into Google).

Definitely, these search engines would not want to offer their users anything less than the best. So, they scout for websites with the best information relating to the user’s search. If your webpage wouldn’t give the users the information they need, do not expect so much traffic on it.

Truly, there is no substitute for relevant content. In fact, it is the number one driver of a website to higher rankings on search engines. Quality content does one thing; which is- improve your site’s authority and relevance. ‘Dwell time’ is how long visitors spend on your website. Good content would cause an increased dwell time; and a higher ranking.

But then, you have got to understand the difference between the quality of your content and its quantity. There is no point beating around the bush if you could describe a page article in a single sentence. So, you need to learn how to fine-tune your web writing skills to fit in.

Use Juicy Keywords

Also, content isn’t all about giving the right information; it entails placing the information at specific spots in your write-up. You do this through the use of some set of words known as ‘keyword phrases’. Basically, keyword phrases are predicted set of words which a user would likely use when searching for information relating to your website’s content on a search engine.

When composing keyword phrases, put yourself in the shoes of the user. Think about how your intended user might search for that specific page you wish for more traffic on your website. It is cool to use as many keyword phrases at several locations in your article, however, it is impossible for you to attain a high ranking if these keywords are not related. In other words, using multiple similar keyword phrases could help you rank higher.

Again, repeat your keyword phrases several times in your page- once or twice each in opening and closing paragraphs and two or three times in the remaining content.

Include a Verification Source

Everyone wants trustworthy information; which only comes from trustworthy people. So, as a website owner, search engines want a means of verifying how reliable you and the data you are offering its users are. One way of getting this kind of trust would be through the inclusion of contact us pages.


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You know those things that appear suddenly in the foreground of a website, yeah…it is known as a pop up banner, and it is one of the ways to establish a “Contact Us” page.

According to a google document, websites that have sufficient contact us information are considered more dependable and therefore may rank higher by the search engines. When you do this, not only do you get a higher rank, you drive your business’s online presence. Since you get more user participation, you improve your customer service and capture new clients.

Be User-Friendly

No matter how desperate you are to rank high, never trade good writing for higher rankings. This is what I mean: when inputting your keyword phrases, be natural in your writing. After all, the best pages are written for the user, not the search engine.

Every user wishes for easy navigation and an easy-to-understand page. Use bold, italics, tags and other ways of showing emphasis to allow for easy readability and accessibility of your page. When you do this, a consequence is inevitable: you get users to spend longer time intervals on your website, which goes on to push up your rankings.

Page Load Speed

Not everyone is patient; especially when their internet subscription is on the line. In case you aren’t aware, allow me to chip in: both google and bing take page loading speed into consideration when programming their website ranking algorithm.

Impatient users may leave your website if they have to wait for some extra minutes before accessing the information they came searching for. This would hurt your user dwell time, shoot up your bounce rate and reduce the number of pages viewed- all of which sum up to affect your ranking. So, look for ways to increase your page load speed.

Optimizing your image sizes and making sure your data is clean and streamlined are sure ways of achieving a fast page loading speed.

Wrapping Up

Now you know! Practicing these tips on your website can be a complete game-changer for your brand. Ready, Set, Go!

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