Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Startup in the Cloud


Startups today are better off getting started on the cloud, and may very well benefit from skipping the physical data infrastructure stage altogether. It may feel like you haven’t “made it” as a company until you have an on-premise database hosted on your own servers; however, companies that sail past this stage and go straight to being 100 percent cloud based may have more of a competitive edge. They’re able to scale faster and cut overhead costs right from the get-go. Here are the top five reasons startups should start off on the cloud.

1. Seamless Communication

With the advent of a 5G internet connection upon us, companies communicating on the cloud through an internet connection are in good shape for keeping in touch. Today, cloud VoIP is the best phone system for small retail stores, restaurants, auto dealers and other customer-facing businesses. They enable customer service agents to work more productively as a team through constant immediate communication access among team members.

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2. Give Your Employees More Freedom 

Cloud-based startups have the ability to give their employees more freedom, which is something highly valued by Millennials in today’s talent pool. Their employees can work from home or anywhere in the world, from the comfort and convenience of their laptops. This freedom can actually improve employee productivity and bring out the full extent of their talent by helping them fulfill their lifestyle requirements.

3. Recruit from a Wider Talent Pool

When you cast a wider net out to bring in talent to your company, you’re more likely to land the perfect employee for the job at your startup. When your startup is 100 percent cloud-based, it’s easy for employees from anywhere to come on board and work remotely. This way, you can afford to bring in a specialist who can give you more bang for your buck. Or, you can bring on several freelancers to churn out content marketing material for your brand.

4. Scale Your Business Faster

Even if you’re a tech company with huge data storage needs, you can enjoy greater flexibility and scale faster when you organize your digital infrastructure on the cloud. You don’t need an IT department when you start out, because your company’s technology is provided by a third party. You can easily increase your computing power, data storage and usage when demand rises, and only pay for what you use. This allows you to scale your data quickly and affordably so that when the demands of business rise, you can increase your data storage and infrastructure quickly enough to meet those demands and grow at a rapid rate.


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5. Data Security and Privacy Law Compliance are Built-In

Companies today can leverage cloud technology to effectively outsource the security and compliance of their data. When all of a company’s data is on a third-party, cloud-based platform, they don’t have to take the time and effort to check their privacy law compliance or secure their data system, because security and compliance are built-in with the cloud service. Of course, you want to make sure that this is the case before you choose your cloud-based service provider.

Succeeding as a Cloud-Only Startup

Seeing as the entire world of business has been moving to the cloud for some time now, it’s less risky than ever for startups to start out on the cloud. Starting up on the cloud could mean skipping several of the work-heavy, costly steps of starting up a business, and scaling your business more quickly. This makes it appealing for those who are migrating, as well as those just starting out.

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