Most anticipated sci-fi action movies of year 2009

Sci-Fi/Action movies 2009
Which are the most anticipated sci-fi action movies of the year 2009? I’ve always been fan of sci-fi and action movies. This year a few action movies and their sequel are coming out. All these movies made a huge fortune before because they have been made unbelievably realistic even for computer generated graphics. Specially for Transformers the computer generated graphics was so intensely realistic that it could made a person believe that they really exists. Films directed by Michael Bay are usually like being shouted at by a halfwit for two and a half hours, and Transformers is no exception. Trust me whenever I have some time on my hand I watch the Transformers movie. So lets get into some details of these movies.

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How to display the latest post from each category using WordPress query_posts

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By default WordPress presents all the posts in the blog sorted descending to post time at the home page. Well in some circumstances you might not want to have that layout on your home page. Lets say you have five categories and you want to pull the latest post from each of the categories and display it on your home page. Now that wont work out with the default WordPress home page layout. Here is a simple tip to work around that situation. WordPress has a function to filter out the posts depending on certain criteria, the function is known as . The template function query_post has several parameters that enables you to filter the posts for the WordPress . Below is an example of pulling the latest post from a category and display it at the blog home page. The function can be modified by many parameters. Here I’m displaying only few parameters in action.

How to use different header for categories and pages in WordPress

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Don’t you come across situations like you need to implement multiple header types for different categories? I’m sure you do. Here is a simple yet effective solution to work out the issue to implement multiple header types for different categories. For more conditional tags you can look up to .

First of all create the header files for each categories. Also have one header file as the default one. These files will be included from the main header.php file. Consider the code below for the your WordPress theme header.php file.

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How to Change WordPress Permalinks without affecting Google

WordPress Permalinks, first key to make your site SEO friendly. But wordpress by default uses the permalinks structures such as
and this is not really a good idea cause it will return your topics url which will look like this below
And say for the instance you’ve already has a handful of topics that has been posted for a while and google has indexed it. So now you want to change your WordPress Permalinks to a much more friendly url settings such as
Yes you can easily upgrade your structure from WordPress Admin options but all the links indexed by google wont be able to land on the proper topics.

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Digsby – Socialized Instant Messenger and Notifier


There are a lot of multi protocol messengers around such as Pidgin, Miranda and Trillian. Yet this new piece of work beats almost every other messenger on the scene. Digsby is not only a multi messenger client, it also integrates various social networking services and e-mail notification protocols. Yes it’s finally possible to have your facebook, notifications, myspace notifications, gmail alerts, hotmail notifications and yahoo mail notifications. For E-mail notifications it can archive, make a email read and delete without leaving the messenger. Facebook chat is available and also it’s easy to post updates to your twitter account. It comes with a variety of options and skinned interfaces. Lets look at the messaging features:

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