Myspace vs Facebook vs Twitter – Site Analytics

More detailed analytics. Pretty interesting? What is your thoughts about this? Can you predict the future? Top Keywords Driving Traffic to: twitter twitter search see all 28,069 keywords (archived) facebook facebook login see all 498,021 keywords myspace see all 554,009 keywords

How to add a tweet this button with auto TinyURL or shortening

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How to add a Tweet This button to your wordpress posts without using any plugin or widget? Well there are few sites allow you to do that. But for instance I want the control to be in my hand and it’s pretty much no point of using a plugin or widget to do this kind of job. Why? because each time a plugin/widget loads, it takes away cpu and ram resources from server. So let me show you a nifty simple way to add a cool Tweet This button to your wordpress posts including automatic creation of TinyURL/ url for your post. The automatic TinyURL creation for wordpress post already published at WPRecipes website but it was not implemented in their Tweet This post options. Additionally I’ve added API usage code by my own. dynamic creation of urls offers statistics and usage information (free registered account). Let me show you the implementation of that in a more useful manner.

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Top 10 Most Useful Practical Twitter Tools for The Twitter Professionals

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Since Twitter becomes a trend settler and a unique perspective to a micro blogging system. You should use it in a right way to boost up your productivity and connections around the world. Twitter has numerous web, desktop and hand-held device applications. Now with this wide range of Twitter related tools you might get into a real hard time to find the right applications. Specially when all the popular sites posted so many Twitter tools to use. The real life fact is you can’t and you wont be able to use all these tools in one shot. So I am gonna talk about selected Twitter tools which are the ultimate Swiss Army Knife. Nope I’m not going to include any mobile applications for Twitter because that really depends on the hand-held sets you are using. But for the info I am going to post the link to all the marvelous twitter tools those others already have enlisted. Well enough of my bla bla, so here are the tools that make you a Twitter Pro, these tools will help you to build your connections based on your interest and at the same time you will be able to keep track of them.

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Hilton Petaling Jaya Malaysia has a great range of restaurants to cater different kind of tourists and local food enthusiasts. The five restaurants consists of different kind of ambience, cultures and flavors. The restaurant portal is developed on top of the most popular blog platform WordPress. It features a magazine type of portal look and feel. Integrates rating system, polls, press kit, media downloads and reservation forms. Even though I didn’t like the typography but it is the clients choice. Let me introduce the restaurants to you.

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Facebook Connect Social Widget Comments Box for your website

Facebook Comments Box
Yesterday at the facebook developers blog the social widget for facebook connect introduced. This social widget option will enable you to connect your audience via facebook in a much more simpler and easier way. Previously I wrote 2 different way to attach facebook connect to your Blog, yes it worked but still had issues with caching plugins like WP-Supercache and similar products. I’ve not tested this product yet and the Instructions are pretty much for general websites. So maybe you might want to test it out. The Comments Box is a great way for any website, blog or photo gallery to add social comments to their page in just a minute with a few lines of code. We want to help bring you social widgets that make it easier for users to communicate and share across your site and with their friends on Facebook.

With the Comments Box, Facebook users on your site can comment on your content, post those comments to their profiles, and share them with their friends on Facebook. The Comments Box allows non-Facebook users to make comments on your site as well. And via our APIs, you can access related comments made on Facebook as well to bring the conversation together.

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