Want To Measure Your Facebook Marketing Success? 5 Questions To Ask

You hear people gushing about Facebook marketing, but is it really working for you? Ask yourself these 5 questions to see if your Facebook marketing campaign is a success:

1. How many fans do you have?

More isn’t always better – after all if your business is targeted at 30-somethings, a page full of 16-year-old fans doesn’t help! Successful Facebook pages focus on quality and quantity – meaning that you need a lot of fans that are also part of your target audience. The more targeted fans you have, the higher your chances of getting some word-of-mouth advertising.

2. Are you steadily getting more fans?

Facebook marketing has a lot to do with momentum. Consider it to be like rolling a snowball down a hill; the more it travels, the bigger and more powerful it gets. That’s why the number of Facebook fans you have should always be growing, and growing steadily.

If you suddenly stop getting new fans – or, worse start to lose fans – you’re making big mistakes that need to be addressed immediately.

3. Are people interacting with your Facebook page?

Having all of the fans in the world doesn’t help if people aren’t actually engaged by your Facebook page. Remember, Facebook marketing isn’t about talking AT people; it’s about interacting WITH people.

If your fans are truly interested in what you’re posting, they’ll leave a comment, “like” it, or share it on their own wall. If you’re not getting interaction like this, it’s time to come up with new ideas for getting your fans interested in what you’re doing.

4. How often do you update it?

If your company’s Facebook page sits unchanged for days on end or has comments on it that you take forever to respond to, you’re simply encouraging your fans to leave – and not come back.

A successful Facebook page needs to be updated at least once a day so that people know to check back with you often for new stuff. The more stagnant your Facebook page looks, the more stagnant your business looks!

5. How much money have you made off of it?

This might be the measure you’re most interested in – but it’s also the toughest question to answer. That’s because Facebook-related profits aren’t necessarily immediate. Sure, if you offer a Facebook-only coupon or put a shopping cart on your Facebook page, it will be easy to tally up direct profits.

However, that’s not the only money you can make from a successful Facebook page. For example, someone may become your fan, keep an eye on your page, but not spend any money for 6 months. And, remember, it’s nearly impossible to put a price on all of the word-of-mouth advertising that Facebook gives you.

Bottom line – if you’re satisfied with your answers to the first 4 questions, you’re doing something right – which is translating into extra profits!

Editors Note:

Here is a very interesting and useful infographic about the “Value of Facebook Fans” created by themyndset.com

How to value a Facebook fan - infographic

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