Secrets of Keyword Density to Boost Your Site Traffic [SEO]

Keyword Density

There isn’t a single business owner who is not interested to know how to boost the traffic to their websites. The question about improving reputability and rank of a certain website is a lot more than series of yes and no answers. Before they can get to the information they require, business owners must firstly learn the basics about business and website promotion. Only after they learn terms such as keyword density, black and white hat techniques and Google spiders, they will be ready to start finding the answers to more complex questions such as the one about building a strong online presence, finding the most popular keywords and so on.

Keyword Density – Basics

Keywords are widely used by almost everyone who has any type of content on the Internet. These words or phrases are simply said words that are highly ranked in search engines, and keyword density is nothing more than the number which shows how many times you have to repeat your keyword. While this explanation seems to be very simple, using keywords and calculating the keyword density in order to boost the traffic to your website is a lot more complicated than this. The reason for this is the fact that there are no set rules, which has resulted in a lot of imprecise information that makes the whole process of understanding this topic tough.


What Is The Keyword Density To Be Used?

It is impossible not to wonder about whether anyone knows what the best keyword density to use in your online content is, owing to the fact that this subject is seemingly always short of answers. This does not mean that there is no information on this subject at all, as there is a real wealth of it. This means that there are always questions that are left unanswered, and as soon as there appears a new answer, new questions arise. This is mainly due to changeable trends, and this has resulted in the fact that once great techniques become no longer valid in a very short period of time.
In spite of the fact that there isn’t a unique answer to what keyword density should be used, you can still find some information that will help you find the appropriate keyword usage for your content. Before jumping to numbers, you need to understand that keyword density depends on your content, meaning that you cannot use the same keyword density for a 500 word article, and a text that exceeds a couple of thousands of words. The way to calculate keyword density is to count how many times a certain keyword phrase appears in your text, and then divide it with a total number of words in your text. For example, if you have a 500 word article, using a keyword 10 times would give you a keyword density of 2%.


Don’t Misuse Keyword Density

You will probably also find a lot of tips suggesting that you stuff keywords in wherever you can in your text. This is one of the ways to create meaningless content that no one will be interested in reading, rather than it will be a great SEO technique. So, whatever you do try to use the keyword density the way it is supposed to be used – meaning that you should not misuse it or overuse it.

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